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The Kiss

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Book: The Kiss


I enjoy "The Physician and the Actor", was less impressed with "For Love and Money" but "The Kiss" and the writer's latest release, "The Naked Dragon" definitely rock.

In "The Kiss", we have a romance between an American, Scott, and an Englishman, Ian. As in "For Love and Money", Ian too is the adorable young Englishman trying to make it in the States. While the couple in "For Love and Money" leave me sometimes frustrated, Scott and Ian have me rooting for them till the end. These 2 young men who have been straights throughout their lives have their very foundations uprooted when they find themselves falling in love with each other after "The Kiss" in a commercial they starred together in. Thereon their romance is engaging, heartfelt and delightful, as these 2 very likable young men struggle to hide their love from the public including one bitchy and manipulative Claire (Scott's high flying corporate sister). I do not favor female leads in a gay romance but Claire's role in this story is essential as this dominating yet credible character more or less dictate the direction of the couple's lives. She is overbearing and even a little jealous of Ian when she discovers her little brother falling for Ian. But underneath she is still the caring and supportive big sister. The writer's prose in this delightful romance is very engaging, and there are some pretty amusing moments which have me chuckling aloud. As for Scott and Ian they are a most endearing pair, and I certainly like the idea of Ian's androgynous beauty.

I highly recommend "The Kiss" and of course the writer's latest gay cop/FBI agent thriller romance, "The Naked Dragon" which have me at the edge of my seat until the end. I hope this latest is available in print too!

I look forward to more M/M romance from this highly prolific writer. Plots take precedence over sex in her M/M romance erotica which I appreciate.

Reviewer: R. Parklane

6 Total Reviews of This Book it's a confirmation of her ability to enthrall me. I really try to finish it in one night but it's impossible, fortunately you have a lot to read... here again the magic of Hauser, who manages to write a perfect story with imperfect characters. Some of the novelty from the first novel (For Love and Money) is again played in this second book
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Scott is anxious to break into the career of modeling and acting. His latest chance at acting comes in the way of a gum commercial in which he is required to kiss another male model. It is only a kiss and he is a professional. He feels it won't be a problem…that is until he sees Ian
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I love the way G.A. Hauser has written this story, she has captured the essence of self-discovery and self-learning that love comes in many forms. THE KISS is a love story about finding your way in life, finding your heart and finding your soulmate
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The writer's prose in this delightful romance is very engaging, and there are some pretty amusing moments which have me chuckling aloud
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Through Scott's and Ian's budding relationship, Hauser cleverly explores not only the internal and societal pressures faced when a man discovers he's gay and in love with another man, but also the ramifications that discovery can have on a man's path towards stardom
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Scott Epstein always wanted be in the movies, wanting to be the actor's actor... but not all things goes as he had planned. He figured by now that he would be in Hollywood but here he was, in New York and living with his sister Claire.
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