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The Kiss

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Book: The Kiss


Scott Epstein is looking for his break into acting. His sister, Claire, is part owner of a modeling firm and has helped him get jobs before. When she says he is perfect for a job, he thinks nothing about it. That is, until it is revealed that he is required to kiss another male model. Scott is adamant about the fact that he is not gay. He is though, an actor, and as a professional, feels he can do the job. Handsome to the point of being beautiful, Ian Sullivan is the other half of the commercial. Scott, who has never desired another male, finds himself fighting his attraction.

Ian is also thrilled to have the job, until he learns that he will have to kiss Scott. He is worried how a kiss between two men will affect his career. He is not gay, so everyone reassures him that it will not be a problem. There is something attractive about Scott that has Ian questioning his sexual preference.

This controversial commercial has the media in an uproar. They hound Ian and Scott, wanting to know if they are a couple. The two men tell everyone they are not gay, but the attraction between them soon has them doing things they never thought they would.

G.A. Hauser heats up the pages in this erotic romance, THE KISS, as two men question their sexuality. Two compelling characters are passionate about the fact that they are not gay, but as the chemistry between them grows stronger, they find it harder to deny what is happening. Emotionally stirring, Scott and Ian must deal with outside pressure as well as their own feelings.

It is only a kiss, but that kiss brings to the surface feelings that they have tried to hide. From that one kiss, they find themselves struggling not to touch and give into their growing desire. The chemistry is off the charts. The pages of their story burn with the passion of the two men, as they discover the joy that can be found together.

The emotions run high as Scott and Ian struggle with their feelings. Scott is the more outspoken of the two, and he is quick to tell anyone that will listen that he is not gay. He is angry with the accusations of others and he is angry at himself for being attracted to Ian. Ian is more confused and afraid in the beginning. He is used to everyone, men and women thinking he is attractive, but what will it mean to his future if he becomes labeled as gay? They both must work through the fear for their careers and the fear that comes from worrying about the reactions of friends and family.

THE KISS by G.A. Hauser is a passionate and emotionally stirring story that deals with two men's struggle. The obvious chemistry between the two main characters is just waiting to be released. I found this fast paced book fascinating as Scott and Ian fought with others as well as themselves about what they were feeling. Waiting to see if they let labels keep them apart kept me from being able to put this book down and I hoped that they would be able to have a relationship. Readers that enjoy emotionally stirring erotic romances are encouraged to look for THE KISS by G.A. Hauser.

Reviewer: Anita
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6 Total Reviews of This Book it's a confirmation of her ability to enthrall me. I really try to finish it in one night but it's impossible, fortunately you have a lot to read... here again the magic of Hauser, who manages to write a perfect story with imperfect characters. Some of the novelty from the first novel (For Love and Money) is again played in this second book
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Scott is anxious to break into the career of modeling and acting. His latest chance at acting comes in the way of a gum commercial in which he is required to kiss another male model. It is only a kiss and he is a professional. He feels it won't be a problem…that is until he sees Ian
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I love the way G.A. Hauser has written this story, she has captured the essence of self-discovery and self-learning that love comes in many forms. THE KISS is a love story about finding your way in life, finding your heart and finding your soulmate
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The writer's prose in this delightful romance is very engaging, and there are some pretty amusing moments which have me chuckling aloud
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Through Scott's and Ian's budding relationship, Hauser cleverly explores not only the internal and societal pressures faced when a man discovers he's gay and in love with another man, but also the ramifications that discovery can have on a man's path towards stardom
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Scott Epstein always wanted be in the movies, wanting to be the actor's actor... but not all things goes as he had planned. He figured by now that he would be in Hollywood but here he was, in New York and living with his sister Claire.
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