Indulge Yourself

Teasers from G.A. Hauser

Summer Love

Based on the characters of The Boy Next Door.

"You know the cops come by every night here to check on the pool."

"Why are you so paranoid, Brandon? This isn't the first time we've skinny dipped." Zach tread water in the deep end of Memorial Pool.

Brandon reached onto 'the raft', a plateau in the middle of the man-made lake. "Yeah, but there's a big difference from skinny-dipping in your backyard and here in the damn town pool. We can't get arrested in your backyard."

"Brandy, the night is hot and muggy, no one is around, and we're completely hidden behind this thing." Zachary reached out to hold the wooden frame of the raft. "Why don't you just relax and kiss me?"

Chuckling nervously, Brandon could see Zach's blue eyes in the dim light of the reflections on the pool. "It's over ten feet deep here, Zach. If we kiss I may sink."

"I've got you." Zach wrapped his legs around Brandon's under the water.

"You know, you're trouble. Before we got into this insanity I was a good son. Now? I'm stripping off my clothing at night in the town pool."

"All the seniors do it. It's tradition."

"Get over here, Zachary Sherman."

When Zach's mouth met his, Brandon was sure the heat they were producing would cause the water to boil around them. They were mad. They were impulsive, but it was summer, and they were in love.

Moments after the kiss, Zach climbed onto the raft boldly standing naked in the dim spotlights. "I'm king of the world!" Zach shouted, beating his chest.

Loving every minute of it, Brandon met him on that dry wooden float, wrapping around his body around Zach's. "You are insane."

After kissing Brandon, Zachary broke the embrace and sprinted off the dock, diving into the deep water. Racing after him, Brandon swam as fast as he could catch him, his heart hopelessly lost, and completely in love.

Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy is based on characters from G.A. Hauser's soon to be released novel, Teacher's Pet. This story is rated 3 flames. It contains sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language may be more graphic and direct.

"You want to catch some lunch at the Hub, Jeremy?"

"Sorry, Kev', I've got to hit the library." Jeremy adjusted his backpack on his shoulder.

"Okay. See ya back at the dorms later."

"See ya." Jeremy nodded goodbye to him, then headed up the steps to the library's double-door entry. The tall shelving and eternal list of titles made him feel as if he were walking into a cavern or tomb. He set his pack down on a table near the computers, then pulled out his notebook. "Right," he mumbled under his breath, then inhaled deeply and looked up for any sign of the correct aisle.

Biography, war, politics, psychology, the subjects seemed to be in no logical order. About to ask the librarian for help, Jeremy tried one last shelf by the back wall. As he turned the corner his gorgeous art history professor was standing there. His head tilted downward as he read the text of a book on Monet, Professor Peter Foster seemed oblivious to the outside world as he lost himself on the color plates of impressionism.

Jeremy's mouth watered as he stared at him, his long hair, his incredible solid build, and his creativity and intelligence radiating out of him as if he were a beam of light. Smiling as he crept nearer, Jeremy knew Peter had no idea he was being spied. When he was almost close enough to touch him, Peter raised his square jaw and smiled warmly. "What are you doing here, Mr. West?" he whispered wryly to Jeremy.

"Staring at you…I've lost track of what I was doing here."

"Naughty boy." Peter's grinned widened.

"Christ, you're gorgeous…" Jeremy moved within Peter's warm aura.

Peter closed the book and set it on the shelf, then looked around the area quickly. "You're liable to get us both in trouble."

"No one's looking." Jeremy glanced at the painted beige wall on one side of them, and the towering skyscraper of books on the other. Seeing Peter's adoring expression, Jeremy reached into that head of hair and pulled his face closer for a taste of his lips. They both moaned softly at the touch, then Peter parted from his kiss and had another look around. "You know we'll both be humping each other on the floor in a minute."

Jeremy laughed softly, then lowered his lashes to scan Peter's amazing body.

When Jeremy reached out to cup Peter's crotch, Peter calmly allowed it, then moved Jeremy's hand away gently before they were spotted. "Later."

"When?" Jeremy hissed.


"I can't wait," Jeremy replied, licking his lips in anticipation.

After another look around, Peter whispered, "Okay, one more kiss."

Jeremy dove at his mouth and savored his masculine scent and wild tongue, then set back and panted to catch his breath. "Tonight," he repeated, as if confirming it.

"Yes. I'll meet you by our favorite bench at around eight. Okay?"

Nodding, Jeremy heard someone behind them and spun around. A woman was pushing a book back onto the shelf. He quickly made some space between him and Peter and cleared his throat.

With a smile on his lips, Peter mouthed the word, 'Later', and then winked at him.

Jeremy nodded, taking a step back as his handsome professor once again took that large picture book of Monet's paintings off the shelf. Though he didn't want to leave him, Jeremy moved away from that isolated corner of the library and tried to refocus his mind. "Now, where was I?" With a broad smile on his lips, he moved to the computer science section and hummed happily as he thumbed through the pages of a text book.

Come and Get It

Come and Get It is based on characters from G.A. Hauser's best-selling book, For Love and Money. This story is rated 4 flames. It contains explicit love scenes described using graphic and direct language. Read at your own discretion.

"I told you this was one of my erotic fantasies."

"I never knew that about you, doctor." Ewan widened his stance. "Ever since I bought this damn motorbike you've been more randy than usual."

Jason smiled wickedly as Ewan straddled the chrome machine, his body covered in black leather. "I could cream just looking at you…Christ, Ewan, you're fantastic in those."

"Are you climbing on? Or just standing there to ogle me in me leather?"

Clearing his throat, Jason climbed on the bike behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. The helmet felt close and tight-fitting. "You sure you know what you're doing? I've been in too many accident and emergency hospital rooms for this kind of thing to trust them."

"Oi! You trust me! You don't worry. Now…Ready?" Ewan revved up the engine.

Nodding, Jason could feel the vibration of the bike under him, exciting him as much as his lover in black leather.

"Hold on tight, love!" Ewan warned, then hit the accelerator and blew dust and gravel behind them.

Jason smiled in delight as the bright sunlight lit the green hills of Cumbria, bathing the landscape in sunshine and velvety summer hues. He didn't remember feeling so free.

"You all right?" Ewan shouted over his shoulder to him.

"More than all right." Jason squeezed him tighter.

"I know a place…"

"Okay," Jason replied, his helmet hitting Ewan's shoulder when he nodded.

Passing small stone-clad pubs and cottages, sheep and cows grazing along the winding back country lanes, Jason didn't know if it was the constant vibrating and euphoria of freedom or the feel of that gorgeous movie star in his arms, but he was hard as a rock. As Ewan leaned them side-to-side around curling bends with high spiky hedgerows, Jason smiled to himself and moved one of his hands downward, cupping that leather crotch tightly.

Feeling Ewan's hard cock under the soft supple leather was maddening him to a new height. Gently massaging it, loving the feel of it in his hands, Jason felt as if he could go into a wild dream and spin exotic scenes in his head. Laughing to himself, he realized he didn't have to make anything up. Ewan was his erotic fantasy.

As if he had made a command decision, Ewan slowed the bike down to a seductive purr and turned onto a narrow dirt bridle path. When he was well off the road, he stopped in a small stand of trees and shut off the noise. Then, as if savoring their closeness, he leaned back against Jason's front and reached for those hands of his.

Jason felt Ewan pressing his fingers into the zipper of his leather jeans. Unable to prevent it, he groaned out loud and closed his eyes.

Ewan climbed off the bike, removed his helmet, shook out his long hair and faced him, his light irises on fire in the shadowy flickering sunlight that broke through the leaves above.

As if he were dreaming, dropped his helmet on the ground, Jason reached out for him, yearning to take this fantastic male into his arms.

And drawn to him like a moth to a flame, Ewan rushed for that kiss.

Moaning in delight, Jason could not get over his luck. He was madly in love with this man, and knew Ewan felt the same. He could taste it in his kiss. As their tongues whirled in circles around each other's Jason nudged Ewan back and climbed off the bike. Once he was standing on his own two feet, he grinned and whispered, "Now I get my wish."

Laughing softly, Ewan opened his arms and whispered, "Come and get it, doctor."