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Child's Playa

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Book: Child's Playa


In book 52 of the Action! Series, we rejoin the men of LA getting ready for Christmas. As Mark Antonious Richfield and his superstar son Alexander Mark Richfield take a break from filming their new movie together, they find themselves apart for the holiday.

Alex and his LAPD lieutenant husband, Billy Sharpe, end up spending time with Alex’s mom and biological dad in an awkward family dinner.

Attorney, Jack Larsen and his talent agent husband Adam Lewis, escape Mark’s madness and head to Gran Canaria for a holiday. After Mark’s married ex-fiancée Sharon Tice-Hill gave birth to the top model’s son, Jack needed to get the hell out of LA. He imagined the paternity wars would begin, and he wanted no part of it.

Meanwhile LAPD SWAT cop, Joe Scarbino, struggles to find a boyfriend while maintaining a sexual relationship with the two LAPD detectives, Jeff and Mickey.

Join the crazy men from Los Angeles as they find out life could be really simple…as simple as child’s play…if they just remember, love does conquer all.