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Child's Play

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Book: Child's Play


Chapter 1

The house smells so amazing!
Eleven-year-old Chloe Wolinski helped her grandma, Susan Miller, frost cookies on the kitchen counter of her house in Bel Air, California. Her uncle Steve and his wife Tadzio were coming for Christmas Eve dinner.
A ham was roasting in the oven, and her mom, Laura, was setting the table, folding the napkins into little crown-shapes.
Chloe spread icing on the sugar cookies and added sprinkles, then wiped her hands on her apron. “Where’s Dad?”
“He’s finishing wrapping gifts,” Laura said, “Don’t peek!”
Grandma Susan put the tray of cookies into the oven and set a timer.
“What’s next, Grandma?”
“Let’s make the pumpkin pie!” Susan placed bowls into the sink.
The doorbell rang and Chloe raced to see who was here. She opened the door to her Uncle’s wife, Tadzio Andresen-Miller.
“Tadzio!” Chloe invited her in. “Is Uncle Steve here yet?”
“No. He iz still on his way.” Tadzio carried a dish she had prepared for the dinner.
“Hi, Tadzio!” Laura waved from the kitchen.
“Hi, Laura.”
Chloe shut the door and twirled around in excitement. She loved Christmas!
LAPD detective lieutenant Jeff Chandler used tape on a gift he was wrapping on the kitchen table of his loft townhouse. He and his robbery detective husband, Mickey Stanton, were off work and invited to spend Christmas Eve with Mickey’s sister Aura. Aura just had a baby recently.
But, they also had plans with their lifeguard and firefighter buddies. So, they were going to swing by Aura’s place for an hour, give her the gift for the new baby, and then go to Josh and Tanner’s place for a meal.
He was wrapping the gift while Mickey prepared a contribution to Josh and Tanner’s dinner party. The scent of sweet potatoes and marshmallows baking was in the air.
“Are we picking Joe up on the way?” Jeff asked as he removed the paper backing of an adhesive bow and stuck it on the box.
“Yup. He’s spending the night here.” Mickey added foil to cover the tray and let it setup on the stovetop.
“Cool.” Jeff threw away the wrapping paper scraps and set the box near the front door so he remembered to take it. It was a stuffed toy for the new baby, Delia Sandrine. Jeff didn’t know what else to get Mickey’s family.
Usually they spent the holidays up north, at Mark Antonious Richfield’s estate in Paradise, California. But, not this year.
Mark was involved in a film production here in LA.
Usually, when Mark arranged Christmas dinner at his place, no one exchanged gifts. What were they going to buy each other? Dildos and cock rings? No, he didn’t have to buy presents for those guys.
Mickey checked his phone and put on his shoes. “Ready?”
“Pretty much.” Jeff trotted up the stairs to the loft to wash his hands, check his face, and pee. He paused in front of the mirror, brushing his conservatively cropped brown hair and staring into his green eyes.
Mickey yelled up to him, “I’m texting Joe we’re on our way!”
“Okay!” Jeff yelled back as he stood at the toilet.
He and his husband were enjoying a three-way sexual relationship with Joe Scarbino. The hot SWAT cop had taken over the modeling job from Mark. Mark Antonious Richfield was the Nation’s top male model. Mark’s trademark cologne, Dangereux, was now Joe’s contract. Jeff and Mickey very much enjoyed sex with Joe and wanted it to continue.
He flushed and washed his hands, then thumped down the stairs. He put his jacket on, locked both of their duty guns in a safe in the closet, then he and Mickey headed out to get Joe.