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California Dreaming

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Book: California Dreaming


(minor cliffhanger)
In this latest installment of the Action! Series, we journey with the men you’ve grown to adore through more trials and tribulations of their complex world.
As the lives of the many couples in the Action! Series universe moves on to yet another year’s end, we find one of the pairs is in trouble.

After a decade of marriage, taking each other for granted, and opening up their options to explore has created a rift that may lead to an end.

In Book 25, California Dreaming, we find love is not always unconditional, and bitterness between two Action! characters creates a divide which may be permanent.

Ride the rollercoaster of love, sex, pain, and friendship, with the cast of characters you’ve grown to adore.
And, hold on tight, for this story will give you the ride of your life.