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California Dreaming

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Book: California Dreaming


Mark Antonious Richfield lay naked on the top of a car trunk. His arms reaching over his head up the back window, his heels propped on the bumper.
Tall trees waved in the breeze, bowing in the darkness, making the full moon flicker between branches.
A man in a police uniform loomed over him.
Mark parted his lips and felt his cock engorge. Yes…
The big, armed cop urged Mark’s legs wider.
Oh, yes…
Noises woke Steven Jay Miller out of a deep slumber. He stayed put as he tried to decipher the sound.
Steve leaned up on his forearms and checked the time. It was one in the morning on a Saturday. Mark was scheduled to model later today and had set the alarm for eight. Just as Steve rolled over to go back to sleep, he heard his husband gasp and the bed creaked.
Steve became more alert and tried to see what was going on. Mark’s eyes were closed but he appeared to be having one hell of a dream.
“More…” Mark purred and his hips shifted.
Steve smirked. Ever since Mark had started modeling with a twenty-six year old stud, he’d been having even more wild police fantasies.
Steve tossed the sheet off and crawled between Mark’s legs.
Mark was at the mercy of a powerful police officer in full riot gear. He felt the hard metal of the car under him and then his cock was engulfed into a hot mouth.
“Ah!” Mark opened his eyes and gasped as he woke. “Steven!”
Steve was sucking his cock, holding the base in the darkened bedroom and massaging Mark’s rim.
“Bloody hell.” Mark couldn’t recall his dream a second after he had woken up, but his horny former police lover was devouring him.
Steve stopped for a deep breath and stretched to their nightstand drawer.
“Steven…” Mark glanced at the clock and knew he had to model later today. He was about to tell Steve it wasn’t a very good time for a shag.
Steve knelt upright and pushed Mark’s legs back so they were pressing against Mark’s chest.
“My word, copper.” Mark gripped the bedding.
Steve thrust inside Mark and Mark heard him gasp.
Knowing he wouldn’t get back to sleep until his husband came, Mark became vocal. “Yes! That’s it! Come for me!”
A low growl came from Steve and Mark felt his husband’s cock pulsating deep inside him. He held his own legs back and tried to be patient as Steve went into a climax and choked on his gasp.
Mark caught his breath as Steve pulled out and dropped down next to him. “What on earth?” he asked Steve.
“You were moaning in your sleep. It made me horny.” Steve tucked the pillow under his head.
“Yes, well. Now I’m wide awake.” Mark stretched his legs out again.
“Mmm.” Steve mumbled and fell asleep.
Mark exhaled in frustration and tried to rest, but couldn’t now. He crawled off the bed to clean up from the sex, and when he turned the light on in the bathroom he cringed at the brightness.
Mark relieved himself first, then used a wet washcloth to wipe his bottom from Steve’s cum and the lube.
He leaned his palms on the sink vanity and inspected his face. He was once more, model-ready, his skin and his chest smooth, and his hair full and wild.
Mark shut off the light and removed a half-smoked joint from the drawer. He stood near the front window and lit it, taking a hit and holding it, wanting to get back to sleep for a few hours.
He blew the smoke outside and shut the window again, since it was a chilly November night. He tucked the roach back into the drawer, and crawled into bed.
Steve was out of it, having conked out after his climax.
Mark faced the digital clock and watched the numbers advance, finally falling back to sleep.