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Anything But

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Book: Anything But


In Book 20 of the Action! Series, events come full circle.
As Carl Bronson waits for his next movie audition, the haunting warning of his talent agent, Adam Lewis, to deny, deny, deny, he was gay, was now becoming a reality. Carl’s film work dries up and his husband and costar of their TV series, Keith O’Leary, has a dismal film debut.
Meanwhile, Alexander Mark Richfield, seems to have the Midas touch. And his police captain husband, a man twenty years older than Alex, finds out he just may get everything he wants in life (or maybe not.)
As the men of the Action! Series come back together for a grand reunion, it seems as if things are finally falling into place.
But be prepared…
In the universe where Mark Antonious Richfield reigns as the World’s Top Male Model, life is anything but…boring. For fans of the series, or a newcomer, enjoy another sex-filled romp with wild adventures.
The Action! Series; where dreams come true, men love men, superstars are made, and the media circus continues to be anything but- kind.