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Anything But

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Book: Anything But


“You could hide his keys.” Adam loaded the dishwasher.
“Yeah, right.” Steve put the leftover food into the refrigerator, while Jack threw away the empty containers and wiped the counter.
“How could you allow him to buy it?” Jack asked.
Steve just gave Jack a weary look.
Adam didn’t comment.
Jack said, “Ya know, for the first time in a long time, I don’t want to fuck him. I’m so tired of his bullshit.”
“We don’t have to make love, Jack.” Adam wiped his hands on a towel. “We can just watch a movie.”
“I’m good with that.” Steve made sure the kitchen was in order. “There might be baseball on.”
Adam rolled his eyes at the idea.
Steve pointed to the top floor. “Let me check on Mark.” He trotted up the stairs and looked into the bedroom. Mark was sound asleep, holding Praline.
Steve stared down at him. Mark, Mark, Mark‚ĶNothing ever changes. It’s insane.
He sat beside Mark, caressing Mark’s long mane of brown hair. Mark stirred from his nap.
“I’m sorry, Steven. I’m knackered.”
“It’s okay. We’re going to watch a movie. I just wanted you to know.”
“No lovemaking?”
“Maybe later? Before bed?” Steve touched Mark’s cheek.
Mark set the stuffed bear aside, and reached for a hug.
Steve brought Mark into his arms. They hugged tightly and Steve inhaled Mark’s scent, whether it was his cologne or natural body aroma, Mark always smelled good. Steve nuzzled into Mark’s neck. “You can sleep. We’re fine hanging out.”
“I want to be with my boys this weekend.” Mark backed up, rubbing his eyes.
“We’re here. Come down and watch a movie with us.”
“What film?”
“I don’t know. You can help us decide.”
“I don’t care much for mainstream media.”
“I know.” Steve smiled.
“Yes?” Steve got lost in Mark’s green eyes.
“I love you.”
Steve kissed Mark. “And I never get tired of hearing that.”
“And?” Mark made a silly face at him.
“Oh.” Steve teased. “Am I supposed to say it back?”
“Come here.” He held onto Mark, rocking him in his arms. “Love, love, love you.”
“Mmm.” Mark went limp in Steve’s embrace.
“So? Up for a movie with our two favorite men?” Steve brushed Mark’s hair back from his forehead.
“Of course.”
Steve stood and reached for Mark.
Mark took his hand and Steve could see, as Mark stood, he may have gotten dizzy. Mark was notorious for fainting before photo shoots, since he tended to starve. No amount of nagging, coaxing, or complaining, would change it.
Steve waited, and then he knew Mark was not going to faint. He held him around his waist, and walked Mark down the stairs to meet with the other two.
Jack and Adam were snuggling together on the large sectional sofa, and they had brought their drinks with them.
Adam looked up at Mark. “Did you nap?”
“I did.” Mark sat down and stared at the TV. “What nonsense are you watching?”
Steve smiled and thumbed over his shoulder. “Anyone need anything?”
“Water, Steven?”
“We’re good.” Jack pointed to himself and Adam.
Steve left to get Mark a bottle of water, as well as one for himself. Once he did, he opened the door to the garage, looking at his Mercedes, Mark’s TVR, and the new addition, the Ducati. There was no way to prevent Mark riding. Mark was forty-four, not sixteen. And even though Mark may appear weak at times, he was as stubborn as a mule; the Milt Richfield blood was in Mark’s veins, whether he hated the old man or not. And the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Alexander Mark Richfield was the same. Not only did he look exactly like his top model dad, he had Mark’s stubborn streak as well.
Steve closed the garage door quietly, and lowered his head. There was nothing he could do. Nothing.
And that was the most frustrating part about it.
He brought two water bottles into the den, adjusted his expression, since Mark immediately watched him like a hawk, and then Steve sat beside Mark.
Mark thanked him for the water, cuddling up against Steve.
Steve sipped his water, setting it on a side table, and put his arm around Mark as they did something very rare. Watched TV on one of their sex-weekends.
Maybe they needed this. Time to just hang out without the expectation of a four-way sex orgy. It didn’t matter. Steve was glad he had Jack and Adam here, and he would enjoy his lover, his husband, the man who had become his world, until he no longer could.