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The Ugly Truth - Sequel to The Reunion

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Book: The Ugly Truth - Sequel to The Reunion


Jon Ross and Trae Ambrose shared a secret kiss behind the high-school at sixteen. But it wasn’t until twenty years later, after Jon had moved to LA and started acting for a living, and Trae remained in Miami, where he worked as an attorney, that they reunited on a luxury cruise to the Baltic countries.
The meeting on the cruise ship’s top running deck would have been perfect, if it hadn’t been for one minor detail.
Trae Ambrose had gotten married, yet his newlywed wife refused to come on the trip with him.
The two men begin a clandestine affair onboard, using a book in the ship’s library to exchange notes, and meet up secretly. But once the trip ended, Jon assumed he would be as heartbroken as he was after that first kiss.
One thing neither man could anticipate, was ‘Nadine’ the ‘sweet wife’ Trae had married, was not who she said she was. Not by a long shot. As Trae arrives home after two weeks away, he finds what he had left behind in utter chaos.
Then the ugly truth about the woman Trae had married begins to unravel.
Without Jon’s love and support, Trae’s world would have crashed down on him.
But the two young men who had stolen each other’s hearts decades ago, now became an inseparable couple. And there was nothing ‘ugly’ about that truth.