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Going Wild

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Book: Going Wild


Billy sat in his truck, 'on surveillance' for Alex's arrival or to abort the plan if he noticed anyone familiar. He didn't know anyone who lived in this part of town, but did know its coffee shops from living many years in the LA area.
If he and Alex were spotted talking, what would Billy use as an excuse? Wasn't it normal for Alex to look to him for guidance?
"Yeah. Tell Steve that." Billy began to get cold feet and thought it was smarter to cancel. He picked up his cell phone and was about to dial when someone leaned into his open driver's window.
Billy jumped at seeing Alex so close and he was hit with a wash of nerves. "Oh. Hi. Uh, let me get out."
"Okay." Alex backed up.
Billy looked at Alex's tiny red shorts and midriff top. There was nothing discreet about that young man. He strut his stuff proudly, out, gay and gorgeous. Billy glanced at the glove box, wondering if leaving his gun and badge behind was smart. Never a good idea. He popped it open and grabbed both to clip them back on his waistband.
"Wow. Okay. I'm hard." Alex laughed.
"Yeah, well." Billy tried to play it down. "My luck the coffee shop will get held up and I won't be able to do anything." He powered up all the windows and got out, closing the pickup's door. Billy felt like he was on a first date he was so anxious. Being seen with someone as comfortable in their sexuality as Alex, began to rattle Billy. Some of the men he worked with knew he was gay, but he didn't broadcast it. There was no reason to. "You're going to be cold in the air conditioning in that outfit."
"I'm usually hot. I'll be fine." Alex made his way with confidence to the front entrance.
Billy ogled his tight ass and black Doc Martins with white socks. Hot? Christ, you're sex on a fucking stick.
The minute he walked in behind Alex, the room felt as if it became electrically charged. As Alex made his way to the line at the counter, Billy could hear people whispering his name and pointing.
"What?" Alex spun around.
"I forgot you're so famous." Billy wished he had thought things out. When people began taking photos with camera phones, Billy chickened out. "I can't do this." He retreated and left the coffee shop. He could hear Alex behind him and felt his touch on the arm.
"Billy, wait. Are you afraid to be seen with a gay man?"
He stopped fleeing and faced Alex. The pain in Alex's face nearly killed Billy. He caressed his smooth cheek. "No, sweetie. I'm thinking about Angel and your father's reaction to us seeing each other. Even for coffee."
"That's why I wanted to go to your place." Alex laughed but it sounded as anxious as Billy felt at the moment.
The pang of nerves shook Billy. He could confront armed felons, but being seen with the incredibly pretty Alexander Richfield made him quake in his shoes.
Billy focused on Alex's lips, his soft pout, his long dark shaggy mane blowing in the breeze, his watery green eyes…
"Come? Like in ejaculate?"
"N-no. Come to the cottage." Billy swallowed down a dry gulp. He wanted Alex. He knew he did.
"You sure? What if Oliver comes home? I don't want to see Oliver again."
"This was a very bad idea."
"No. No, Billy, it wasn't. I do need to talk to you. If you only knew the shit that's going on at the studio."
There it was. Alex's pout, his helplessness. Billy could eat it up. "Where? Seriously, Alex. You are known everywhere."
While Alex looked around the busy parking lot, Billy got lost on his treasure trail under his belly button.
"Hang on." Alex took his phone out of his back shorts pocket. He leaned on a car and glanced at Billy, meeting his eyes. The sensuality of Alex's leer made Billy's skin prickle.
"Hey, Kyle. Can I use your room?" Alex licked his lips but not in an overt sexual tease. "Yeah. Uh, 'bout an hour, two max?" Alex stared at Billy's crotch. It felt like Alex was stroking it from the intensity of his stare.
"Okay. Thanks." Alex closed his phone and said, "I have a place to talk if you're still into it."
"Near the UCLA campus."
"That's where Oliver is hanging out."
"Then I have no idea where we should go." Alex crossed his arms, looking frustrated.
"Follow me to the cottage. Oliver never shows up there anymore and Angel is working 'til four."
Billy headed to his truck, looking back at Alex as he did the same. Seeing that young man's body did nothing for Billy's self control. All he could think about was fucking him.