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A Man's Best Friend

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Book: A Man's Best Friend


With a tongue in his mouth Ronnie was brought back to reality. At first he assumed he was kissing Kim but something felt odd. The sound he was hearing was deep and masculine. A rough sandpapery sensation from beard growth scratched his skin. What the fuck?
Ronnie opened his eyes. "Heath?" He choked in amazement and felt a flash of adrenaline course through him like pain. As Ronnie leaned back, he realized he was in the grip of a very strong male. "Heath. Stop." Ronnie tried to break free. When Heath released his hold, Ronnie gasped for breath. "What are you doing?" The anguish in his best friend's expression was more than obvious.
"Ronnie, I can explain. Please," Heath begged. "Don't get mad."
Am I mad?
Ronnie trembled as he inched backwards, getting a look at Heath's body. Holy shit! This is what's under your clothing?
In reflex, Heath hid his hard-on, his face becoming as dark a shade of red as his cock. "Don't hit me."
Am I going to hit him? Ronnie had no intention.
"Look, let's just say it was the booze." Heath made a move to get up.
No you don't. Ronnie pinned him down.
"Don't hurt me. Look, I'm sorry."
"Is everyone gone?" Ronnie asked.
Heath appeared bewildered. "Huh?" His chest was heaving under Ronnie's.
"Are we alone?"
Staring into Heath's wide brown eyes first, Ronnie did what he promised himself he would not do. He kissed a man.
Heath grunted in surprise, then reacted, encircling Ronnie's waist and holding him tight.
Holy fuck! Ronnie inhaled him, grinding his crotch into Heath's.
"Babe! You wanted this?" Heath said between kisses. "Are you kidding me?"
"I don't know what I want. So, shut up and let's come."
Heath grabbed Ronnie's dick and fisted it.
"Motherfucker!" Ronnie yelled and reached for Heath's.
While his cock was worked feverishly, Ronnie fisted Heath's. He was still drunk and didn't even think about the fact he was jerking off his best friend. Man, this feels good!
The minute Heath chewed on Ronnie's ear and neck, the chills that washed over his length pushed him over the edge. Ronnie clenched his teeth and felt his balls tighten.
Heath's free hand wrapped around his and quickened the pace of his hand-job.
The second he did, Ronnie opened his eyes to see them come together. Heath's body tensed and he whimpered. Thick cream shot out of them both, spattering them like an abstract painting.
"Ronnie! Holy shit!" Heath thrust his hips in time with their jacking.
I knew it. I knew it would be amazing. Goddamn it!
Ronnie caught his breath and tugged his hand away from Heath's grip and cock.
At the abrupt act, Heath's eyes blinked in surprise.
"I can't do this." Ronnie scooted backwards on the bed, making a gap between them. "I want a family. No. Heath. Not like this."
"Ronnie, don't go. You can still spend the night. I'm sorry."
He was so angry with himself for being weak, he was furious. Staring down at his sticky stomach, Ronnie wished he could wash up, but he began to shake in fear.
The look of horror he was receiving from Heath was cutting him in two. Heath opened his lips to protest.
Ronnie raised up his hand. "No, no, don't say a thing." He trembled so badly he fumbled for his clothing.
"Don't leave. Ronnie, talk to me." Heath got to his knees on the bed.
"Talk? There's nothing to talk about, do you hear me? Nothing happened. You got that?" He managed to tug his jeans on and held the rest of his clothing in his arms.
"Wait, please." Heath climbed off the bed.
Ronnie shrank back.
"Jesus, Ronnie, I won't touch you again. Just listen to me. Don't leave it like this, please. I don't want to lose you as a friend. Calm down. Take a minute to wash up and finish getting dressed."
"No, I can't. Heath, just let me go home. I don't know what to do. I need to sleep, then maybe we can discuss this. Okay?"