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Book: Cruising


“Maybe we can call room service.” Brodie was going completely insane. They both wanted it, yet no one was willing to make that first move. Maybe if they were drunk they could blame it on the booze. No harm, no foul.
Trying to function with all the blood in his body racing to his dick, Brodie picked up the phone, “What the hell’s the number for room service again?”
The breathy sound of Julian’s voice made the hairs rise on Brodie’s body. Brodie set the telephone back in its cradle and slowly turned around.
Julian was trembling visibly. But through that fear, he opened up his palms, face forward, in what appeared to Brodie as an invitation.
Swallowing hard as his mouth watered at the opportunity, Brodie didn’t know what to do. He knew what he wanted, but he still felt as if something needed to be clarified. “Julian, what…what exactly?”
“I don’t know.” Julian shook his head. “All I know is I’m fucking hard as a rock.”
Instantly Brodie’s vision lowered. That stain appeared to be growing. If it weren’t for his blue denim, he was certain his crotch would look the same. As if pleading, waiting for Brodie to make the first move, Julian hissed his name again, boldly opening the top button of his slacks.
“Oh god.” Can I do this? It was one thing to pretend, to fantasize, but could he actually touch another man?
“No? No way?” Julian shook his head, as if asking, trying to read Brodie’s expression.
Even in the tiny room, Brodie had to take a step closer to Julian to be able to make contact with him. He took that step, thinking it was a giant leap for mankind. Where should he begin? What were they expecting from each other?
Since Brodie was bold enough to close the gap separating them, Julian made the next tentative move, touching Brodie’s arm. At the light caress, Brodie felt like melting. And this man didn’t even go near his cock yet. Closing his eyes, Brodie let out a hiss of air at the yearning which was unbearably strong, stronger than any impulse he’d ever felt before. Julian was willing! Do something!
Julian’s hand slid down Brodie’s forearm to his wrist. Brodie felt his body go into melt down. His hand was clasped just as he imagined it would have been on the deck a moment earlier. He gripped Julian’s palm tightly, petrified of doing anything that may have consequences down the road. If I do this? Am I gay? Can I go back to not being gay? Is this permanent? Like a tattoo announcing what I really want and feel?
“Brodie,” Julian whispered again, as if pleading, meeting his eyes.
The chills ran up Brodie’s spine when Julian repeated his name. It made him want to get on his knees and suck him, hard. “Are…are you sure, Julian?” Why was he asking such a stupid question?
“I’m not sure of anything, Brodie!”
The reply was too predictable. It made Brodie feel like an idiot. Julian’s hand clenched his in a vice hold.
Swallowing down a parched throat, Brodie forced himself to look deeply into Julian’s blue eyes. The man was outstanding. Absolutely amazing. With his free right hand, Brodie touched Julian’s cheek, cupping it softly.
Another visible tremor passed over Julian’s body. Brodie wanted to kiss him. Should he? Should he just lean in and try it? Kiss a guy? Kiss Julian Richards on his first maiden voyage into what? Gay Alaska?
He was leaning that way. Closer, the scent of Julian’s cologne, his body, everything was turning Brodie on so much, if anything even brushed his cock he’d come. Making a feeble attempt, Brodie used his hand, the one cupping Julian’s face, to raise his jaw up towards him. Closing his eyes, Brodie allowed his lips to brush past Julian’s. The zing of pleasure raced right to the tip of his cock. Julian moaned as if he were in pain. Straddling his legs for better balance, since even a feather could topple him over at this point, Brodie pressed his lips more assertively against Julian’s mouth. It was so hot, their lips touching that way, Brodie felt a swoon washing over him making his knees shiver. Pausing, parting from him, Brodie asked, “Okay?”
“Yesss,” Julian whimpered, his hand giving Brodie’s another clenched squeeze.