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A Matter of Minutes

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Book: A Matter of Minutes


Eli could see Floyd shiver, just for a second. He smiled. “Cold?”
Floyd met his gaze and immediately knew he was being teased. He put Eli into a headlock and tried to smash a handful of snow into his face.
Eli roared with laughter and wrestled Floyd to get free. Once he did, he armed himself and backed up.
Floyd held up his hands. “You win. I surrender.”
Eli tilted his head suspiciously. “Sure ya do.”
Floyd looked at the parking area, as a car crunched on the icy snow beside them. Eli took the opportunity to hit him with the snowball, but only on the chest, although a head shot was so tempting.
Floyd reacted and took off, running after him. Eli sprinted to the side of the apartment house, and slid on the snow, landing on his butt.
Floyd stopped short and pointed at him, roaring with laughter. “Oh, God! That was awesome!”
Eli spotted Floyd removing his phone to take a picture. “Oh, no! No way!” He got to his feet quickly and held up his hand.
Floyd approached him, put his arm around Eli and took a ‘selfie’ of the two of them, head against head.
Eli was surprised. He asked, “Can I see it?”
Floyd stood next to him and showed him the photo. “Nice.” Floyd tapped his phone’s keys. “Now we’ve dispelled the myth that the warehouse and retail floor are like alien colonies.”
Eli smiled at that comment. “I know, right? What’s with that?” Eli brushed the snow off his butt, since now, he was getting cold too.
“Don’t know. You mind if I post it? It’s kind of cool.”
“Go for it.” Eli was ecstatic.
“Done.” Floyd looked at his phone as if he was studying it. “Shit. I think this weather is freezing my phone!”
“Okay. Time to go inside.” Eli took off his glove to get into his pocket for a key. He needed to get his contact lenses out since they were driving him crazy. Eli unlocked the lobby door, and with his back turned, Floyd managed to stuff a handful of snow down the back of Eli’s jacket.
“You asshole!” Eli spun around and laughed at the surprise attack.
Floyd was crouched over he was laughing so hard. “Oh, God, I’m about to piss myself.”
Eli stood in the lobby, shaking out the freezing snow from behind his shoulder blades. “Payback’s a bitch.”
“Yeah, yeah…go hit the elevator button. I need you to make me that hot chocolate.” Floyd took off his gloves and stomped the snow off his shoes.
Eli entered the elevator as did Floyd. While they rode up to the third floor, Eli wished they were lovers, because he wanted to leap on Floyd and kiss him he had so much fun.
They caught gazes and Floyd laughed, like he was suddenly shy.
Eli loved it. The elevator stopped at their floor, the two of them headed down the hallway. Eli opened the door to his apartment. “That was fucking awesome.”

Floyd unzipped his coat. “Yeah. It fucking was.”