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I'd Kill For You

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Book: I'd Kill For You


“Who’s the man staying with you? One of my agents said he’s in the gang, Karl Mullens, aka K-Toy.”
Dee grew defensive. “Don’t ask.”
“You realize if you make a personal connection you risk both him, you, and our RICO case.”
“I said, stop asking. And he’s a reluctant member. Okay? I told you about him. He’s not involved.”
“Then why is he sleeping with you?”
“Stay out of my personal life.”
“Agent Williams, this is not personal. It’s a serious breach of protocol.”
The bathroom door opened and Karl met Dee’s gaze.
Dee walked away from his view and said, “Stop interfering. I know what I’m doing and believe me, I need an ally in this group. And he is one.”
“Does he know what you are?”
“No. We…” Dee lowered his voice, “We fuck, not talk. Now let me finish this detail so I can get Karl and I out of this fucking mess.”
“What am I supposed to tell the director?”
“Nothing. Will you let it go?”
“If we got eyes on you two, you better hope no one else does.”
“Copy that.” Dee glanced at the bedroom with concern.
“Fine. I can’t control who you fuck.”
“No. You can’t.”
“Get another deal in place with Kendrick Olson.”
“Right.” He disconnected the line and returned to the bedroom.
“What?” Karl appeared concerned as he sat naked, fresh from a shower, on Dee’s bed.
“We can’t see each other.”
“Huh? Why? Did I piss you off?”
“No. But someone found out.”
“What?” Karl grabbed his chest.
“Not from the gang. But if my guys can figure it out, so can they. So we need to cool it.”
Karl began to get dressed, Dee could see him tremble as he did.
Karl looked up, tucking in his shirt.
Dee felt like shit and touched his cheek lightly. “When this is done. Then…”
Karl bit his lip. “Don’t say it. You and I both know we won’t live to see it. So don’t.”
“Do not vanish.” Dee pointed at him. “I won’t know if you’re dead or left town.”
“I’m not leaving you on your own with those killers.” Karl put his gun into his waistband.
“Just play it cool. And obviously we were followed. Remember what I said?”
“Yeah. Hard right, hard right, hard right.”
Dee felt pain in his chest from the anxiety. “If it’s a dark sedan, don’t panic. If it’s one of L’s guys…”
Dee nodded.
Karl walked to the front door.
“See you tonight. I have to arrange another big haul.”
Before he opened the door Karl met Dee’s gaze. “Please, be careful.”
“I was going to tell you that.”
Karl lowered his head and left.
Dee watched him through the window until he couldn’t see him any longer. He stared at his own naked body, the phone still in his hand and wished he had met Karl under any other circumstances…but this.