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Two In Two Out

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Book: Two In Two Out


Once they had finished tending the engine, they entered the station to write up their reports. Blake booted up the computer and rubbed his hands over hair to massage his damp scalp. He needed a shower and a change of clothing but wanted to get the paperwork done first. Behind him, Hunter took off his drenched shirt. Blake paused to admire him. As Hunter draped the dark blue material over the back of the chair he was about to occupy, Blake licked his lips at the sight of Hunter’s swollen pectoral muscles and ripped abs. Forcing himself to stop drooling overtly, Blake deliberately faced the computer screen, getting that provocative sight out of his field of vision.

He clicked at the keyboard for a few minutes knowing Hunter was doing the same on his laptop. Hitting print, Blake sat back staring at the monitor. “Right. Shower.” He stood, moving behind Hunter. The urge to slide his hands down Hunter’s smooth shoulders to his chest from behind was like a dull ache. Yes, Blake touched him on occasion with light, friendly taps and brushes of his hand. Nothing to cause any suspicion or concern. He was very careful. If he offended Hunter or brought out any ridicule from him, he’d be devastated. In the five years he’d been a member of LA County’s fire department, he’d not enjoyed working with a man as much as he enjoyed Hunter. He wouldn’t jeopardize that for the world.

Just as he was about to move along to the shower, Blake caught Hunter’s bright white smile. “All done.”
“Did you want to shower first?” Blake imagined showering with him. He wished the station had a different set up. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a wall of showerheads? Like in the old days in school?

“No. Go ahead.”

When Hunter reached out and touched Blake’s hip, encouraging him to go first, Blake wished Hunter would assault him. Grab his crotch. Do something naughty. But he knew it would never happen.

“Right. Hopefully I can get done before the next call out.”

“You can always go naked.” Hunter’s wicked smirk reappeared.

“You wish,” Blake teased.

A small chuckle was his reply.

Blake walked to the shower, unbuttoning his shirt while he did, weaving a delightful fantasy about Hunter along the way.