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Keeping It Up

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Book: Keeping It Up


Top Model Mark Antonious Richfield made the decision to sell the mansion, in Paradise, CA where he grew up as a young boy. His prim-proper English mother had remarried and moved on to live in London, and Mark’s homophobic abusive father, Milt Richfield was dead. In order to send off the estate with a defiant ‘bang!’ -literally- Mark invites all his good friends for a proper boy’s weekend. As your Action! Series favorites get together for a final fling, find out how they mix emotional closure with pure pleasure, and of course, Mark is the main course. But not before Mark is forced into shooting a controversial modeling session with his newest account, a luxury car company, which is setting LA gossip columns on fire.
With grueling pressure from the producers of Being Screwed, the hot vampire cable TV drama starring Mark’s superstar son, Alexander, to make their wedding a worldwide spectacle, Alex and LAPD Lieutenant Billy Sharpe who is twenty years older than Alex, finally find the time to take the leap to get married in New York. But the two men want a private affair, not a media frenzy.
See how memories of the day Mark left Sharon Tice at the altar for the love of his life, ex-LAPD cop Steve Miller, haunts Jack Larsen, Mark’s oldest and best friend. Find out how Jack copes with the ill will it begins to stir in him much to Jack’s husband Adam Lewis’ annoyance.
Keeping it Up. When it comes to Acting Naughty and Behaving Badly, the men of the Action! Series will manage to keep it up for a long time to ‘come’.