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Rough Ride

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Book: Rough Ride


In this sequel to Cowboy Blues, we find out about the sexy but proud gay rodeo star, Dean Houston. Though Dean came across as a larger than life superstar, immersed in both gay porn and one of the big players in the Tex-Ass Rodeo league, at thirty-one, Dean is nearing the end of both his careers, and struggling to accept the changes that are coming in his life; no longer being the prime star of the rodeo and top dog of the gay porn circuit.
And Dean was going to be handing his rough stock bull riding crown over to the new stud in town; Clint Wolcott.
To everyone around him Clint looked like the next big sensation of the gay rodeo scene, but his partner Cheyenne Wheeler and close friends, Rob Grafton and Victor Sarita knew his secret.
Will the end of the line for Dean be the beginning of a new life with a potential new partner?
And will the beginning of Clint’s career and stardom end with disaster?
Whichever way they boys get bucked, its going to be a Rough Ride.