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The Last Hard Man

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Book: The Last Hard Man


Sam Lockwood worked for Down and Dirty Harry's Tattoo shop for three years. Since the big, tough Harley rider had the Callahan brothers to have sex with on a regular basis, Sam didn't entertain the idea of a partner. But once Jean DuLac, the art professor from UCLA entered the picture, Harry and Clyde spent their spare time with him, leaving Sam on his own.
On lonely evenings, Sam called a sex chat line, always asking for the same man, 'Brad' to get him off.
After weeks of conversation, that involved everything from taboo fantasies to sharing secrets, Sam began to feel an emotional attachment to this man, or at least to his voice.
One evening Sam goes to a local club to hear a live performer. Something about the man felt familiar to him. Then he figured it out. The performer, Cody Douglas, was his phone sex actor.
For the fans who know Sam from Down and Dirty as well as his hot sexual fling with Alexander Richfield in Going Wild, they know Sam Lockwood is 'up' for anything.
But even Sam had no idea what to expect when he found out his phone sex operator was one of a set of identical twins, and Cody and Cat Douglas decided a hunk like Sam was just what they were looking for.