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Heart of Steele

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Book: Heart of Steele

Nineteen year old, Rick Steele was home for summer break in Dayton after living at the dorms at Ohio State University in Columbus. He expected three months off to relax and do nothing, maybe swim in his family pool or help out around the house, but that was it.

His mother, Jenny, a divorced teacher, had other plans for the family. She and Rick's sisters thought having an exchange student from Italy would be just the ticket to revving up their free time.

Elia Gianni from Lombardy, Italy was thrilled to take a break from college and spend time in America. No, it wasn't New York or LA, but still, it was the United States of America. Elia arrived at Dayton airport, ready to live the American experience.

The only problem the host family had upon Elia's arrival was that they expected a woman.

When Rick first set eyes on the fantastic, long-haired Italian stud, he fell head over heels for him. Rick wanted to have sex with this man so badly, he was a walking erection. With the family in a tailspin, and Rick still not 'out' to them, Elia's arrival knocked everyone off their feet, most of all, the big, macho athlete, Rick.

Suddenly having to share his bedroom with a gorgeous Italian exchange student, Rick was forced into making too many decisions before he was mentally prepared to do so. He was the 'man of the family' ever since his dead-beat dad left his mother for a younger woman. How was Rick supposed to come out? Could his mom handle it?

And for Elia, meeting blond, blue-eyed, muscular Rick Steele, was just what he needed for one heck of an American adventure. But Elia had been warned by his family back home about not revealing his sexuality. Americans were violent. He would get beaten up, or worse. How was Elia supposed to hide his attraction for Rick while he shared a small space with him for four weeks?

It only took twenty-four hours for Elia to know that answer.
Exchanging hearts was the reality of their meeting. Only time would tell whether it was a brief summer fling or the love of their lives and it would take a heart of steal to hang on.