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Gay Erotic Fantasy

Prince of Servitude<br />Gay Erotic Fantasy

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Book: Prince of Servitude
Gay Erotic Fantasy


Prince of Servitude takes place in a mythical kingdom where a beautiful prince named Tristen finds he is attracted to his best friend Dinas. Unfortunately in the land of Brandywine men having sex with other men is illegal. Not only does Tristen love men, he loves to be bound and helpless during the act. Tristen lets go his inhibitions when he is held captive by an enemy army.

Can his beloved Dinas save Tristen from being held prisoner, preventing Tristen from inheriting the throne? Or will the sexual freedom Tristen has discovered prevent him from living his legacy. Through love and loyalty Tristen just might find he can have his crown and his true love as well.

This novel is a 'fractured' fairy tale, yet it echoes the reality of our own county's inequality of laws regarding same sex couples from state to state. There is an intentional underlying irony to this work of fiction.