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Prequel To The Action! Series

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Book: Prequel To The Action! Series


Enjoy this Prequel box set of the Action! Series with all the men you’ve grown to adore.

Miller's Tale

If it were true that opposites attract, then Steve Miller and Sonja Knight were the perfect match.

The twenty-five year old rookie cop on the Los Angeles Police Department comes from a modest middleclass background and is the son of a racist police sergeant father. While twenty-nine year old, Sonja, was born to a wealthy African American family, practices law as a defense attorney, and her father is active in the NAACP.

When the two collide one evening at a report of a burglary in progress at Sonja and her roommate Chelsea's home, Steve falls head over heels in love with the beautiful lawyer.

They begin a tumultuous affair laden with landmines and hurdles. In the end can the two unite and become committed to each other? Or will they allow the outside world to tear them apart?

Mark and Sharon

Sharon Tice seems to have it all. She's beautiful, confident, sexually aggressive, and holds an executive position in her father's prestigious firm. But when her father puts her in charge of his latest building project, Sharon soon discovers that her life is missing something...Mark Antonious Richfield.

Mark is one of Los Angeles' most eligible bachelors, charming, charismatic and successful. His first encounter with Sharon takes him by complete surprise. Soon Mark and Sharon spend all their free time together. But Mark has a secret he does not reveal.

Sharon is so smitten by the charming, Mark Antonious, she doesn’t suspect a thing, that is, until she's introduced to Jack Larsen, Mark's housemate, and begins to wonder if they’re lovers. Somewhere between rumor and innuendo lies the truth. How far will Mark go to dispel the labeling of being gay he’s dealt with his entire life? Will he allow Sharon’s fears and jealousy of Jack to prevent him from doing what he needs to do to keep his sanity? Or, will it simply remain a question of sex and who Mark really wants in his bedroom?

In this prequel to Capital Games, we find out how far Mark was willing to go to appease his family and his reputation.

Love You, Loveday

Angel Loveday thought he had put his past behind him. A cult film star of the 1980's, Angel lived through some manic times, but now enjoyed a quiet life with his teenage son Oliver. But his peaceful existence was soon turned to chaos when his old videos began showing up at the small bookshop he owned in Redondo Beach. Having hidden his sexuality and his sordid history from his son for almost seventeen years, Angel is crushed when Oliver begins to unravel the secrets of Angel’s past. As the harassment of this ex-soft porn star begins to escalate, Angel finally gets the police involved.

When the report of the incident appears on the desk of Detective Billy Sharpe, Billy can’t believe the heartthrob of his youth is alive and living locally. When Billy meets with Angel to discuss the case, the attraction between them is instant.

Can the detective save Angel from a demented stalker? Or will Angel finally fall prey to a crazed fan? It becomes a race against the clock to stop a cold-blooded fiend.

When Adam Met Jack

Whatever happened to Adam Lewis, the sexy agent who represented the rising star Ewan Gallagher? Somehow the sleek Hollywood hotshot found himself in hot water when his boss Mr. Turner was finally accused of his nasty ‘couch’ practices to get clients auditions. Seeking help, Adam turns to a law firm for guidance. When he sets his eyes on the big brawny blond, Jack Larsen, Adam falls for him instantly. Unfortunately for Adam, Jack is still pining over losing the man he has always adored, Mark Richfield, to the handsome ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller.

Is it possible that Adam can help Jack move on? Forget the decades he has lusted after the gorgeous Brit? And can Jack Larsen protect Adam from the chaos the violent Mr. Turner has created for them both? The entire episode begins, when Adam Lewis finally meets Jack Larsen face to face.

Capital Games

In this newly revised version of Capital Games- we see Mark Antonious Richfield and Steve Miller meet for the first time, in this prelude to the Action! Series - Soon to be released as a full length feature film.

Take two ambitious men, one top LA advertising firm, add a competition for the same high ranking job and you have the potential for an explosion. Instantly the competing men detest each other on sight. Handsome, clean-cut Steve Miller quit the LAPD to work in the calm environment of a business office. What he didn't realize was that the advertising industry was just as cut-throat as the mean streets of the City of Angels. When an exotic British newcomer is hired on, Steve knows this man is out for blood. Mark Richfield, the glamorous new kid in the office, soon wins favor with the big boss and co-workers causing Steve to cringe in jealousy. After a crazy night in the Santa Fe desert when a team building exercise on a business retreat goes wrong, the two men share a night of passion that neither can forget.
Wrongly assuming Mark is gay, Steve is devastated to learn that he is planning to be married in a month's time. Meanwhile, Mark's life falls into a complete shambles as the wedding machine barrels full steam ahead and he no longer loves his increasingly demanding fiancée. Torn between passionate love and passionate hatred, Steve and Mark endure agonizing decisions that will affect their lives forever.