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Book: Showboys


When web-series star, Mitch Ephraim gets selected to host a new cable-TV series, called Showboys, he has no idea how the cutting edge topics and informal format will be received.

His co-host, a man ten years his junior, twenty-five year old Vince Keppel, is energetic and anxious for fame.

In order to boost the fledgling show and get an instant following, producers Charlotte Deavers and Will Markham try gay-baiting. They have their straight hosts, kiss.

The reaction is instant, and their edgy-raw news show is catapulted into social media heights.

But, just how far are the two men willing to go for celebrity?

And why does it matter?


Two straight men experimenting in gay-for-you ratings tactics.

For Mitch and Vince, it’s the difference between obscurity and stardom.