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Knowing Better

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Book: Knowing Better


In Book 17, ‘Knowing Better’, Mark Antonious Richfield has a birthday coming up. And growing older is something Mark wishes was a choice, not mandatory. As his stress over the increasingly racy ads for the car company begin to have an impact on Mark, Mark learns some terrible news. Someone very close to him has died.
As Mark’s life once again becomes a pressure-cooker of doubt and confusion, Alexander, Mark’s son, is asked to audition for yet another big blockbuster film, with a close friend, Carl Bronson.
Watching Alexander blossom into a superstar, Mark is both thrilled, yet slightly overwhelmed, since Alex seems to have it all, and that includes a powerful LAPD Captain husband, Billy Sharpe.
Knowing better, Mark tries to do the right thing, but as his patience is once again put to the test, and his husband, Steve Miller, is at a loss on how to keep Mark from self-destruction, life for the Action! men once again begins to grow complicated.
Knowing Better.
Knowing better and doing the right thing, sadly, are not always the same path.