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Mark and Sharon

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Book: Mark and Sharon


Mark Richfield is a renowned architect and one of L.A.’s most eligible bachelors. Today he is attempting to land a contract with G & T Corporation. Yet, his pretty appearance, calm English manner, and shoulder length auburn hair has the corporation’s owner, Mr. Tice believing him gay and freakish.

Sharon Tice, the owner’s daughter, is stunned by Mark’s striking good looks and casual demeanor; his butt looks tantalizing too. However, her father is not impressed with Mark’s unprofessional hair cut and disrespectful use of his first name. Walking Mark to the elevators, Sharon pounces on him the moment the doors close. Not fighting the sensual assault Mark allows her to orally bring him to climax. Putting his pants to rights Mark asks her to dinner, which she accepts whole heartily. Returning to the boardroom, Sharon encourages her father to hire Mark for the development project; garnering approval from the other women in the room, including grunts from the male members as well. Meeting for dinner at Collin’s Towers, a building Mark designed, Sharon cannot contain her craving for him any longer. Dragging him into an empty phone booth, they go at it like wild monkeys, but Mark regains some sanity to encourage they make love later. Returning to their table to continue the meal, Mark invites Sharon to his home where she meets Jack Larsen, his housemate. Suppressing her thoughts that something more is going on between him and Jack, Sharon allows Mark to lead her to the bedroom. They are hot together, showing no inhibitions in the carnal delights they hope to share. Sharon tells Mark how his pretty features are almost feminine; obviously offending him. Their next date has them playing softball, but with his housemate in attendance.

Jack and Mark play on an adult co-ed team. As the game starts Jack’s easy banter and touching, and then Mark’s comfortable ease with the behavior has Sharon thinking Mark could be bisexual. She also senses a competition for Mark’s attention between her and Jack. After the game Mark and Sharon go for pizza where he tells of a sad home life. His father is a critical man, notably towards his son; believing Mark too soft and overly pampered by his mother. Mark’s mother never displayed physical affection though provided some attention when he needed encouragement or intellectual conversation. As they continue eating Sharon suggests hooking up her sister, Katie with Jack, but Mark quickly banishes that idea. After their meal they return to Mark’s house and make love again, where Sharon suspicions someone is listening in at the bedroom door. Is it Jack?

Mark is excited at winning the building design contract with G&T Corporation. To celebrate his victory, Sharon shows up at his house unannounced to find Jack using Mark as a bar bell. Jack’s obvious anger at her intrusion, confirms that his is attraction, but when she broaches the subject with Mark, he too gets angry. Trying to defuse the situation Sharon attacks Mark, tying him to the bedposts and then ravishes his body. Afterwards, he asks Sharon to spend the weekend at his parent’s house which extends to Jack, as well. However, Jack declines the invite. Sharon’s a little nervous about meeting his parents, although Mark assures her they will see little of his parents. When meeting his father, Sharon witnesses first hand the kind of life he left behind as he calls Mark nasty names, without care who is present. She feels the full brunt of their conflict when a blow up between father and son happens in the kitchen. Using the horseback riding as a means to soothe the situation, Sharon and Mark come across his favorite swimming hole. They cool off from the vigorous riding with a skinny dip; also where the two, again, enjoy the pleasures of each other’s bodies. On their return, Mark is told that his father has been rushed to the hospital, a possible heart attack.

Having to return home, Sharon leaves Mark to handle his family crisis. Two days later her sister Katie delivers the news that Mark’s father passes away. She leaves him a message of condolences, but three days after her phone call she still hasn’t heard from Mark. Dismayed, Sharon finally meets up with him at the job site where he explains that his cell phone died. While at lunch her father catches them together and he is livid that she is dating “the freak”. At her parents’ house, Sharon gets into a heated argument with her father about Mark’s sexual orientation, defending that he is not gay. Storming from the house Sharon heads to Mark’s where they begin to make love. Searching for condoms, she finds lube in his nightstand and questions the reason for it being there. Disgusted that she too believes he is gay, Mark asks her to leave. Both are miserable being apart.

A Question of Sex is a raunchy but fun story about two people trying to fit family and their blooming relationship into one neat little package. Sharon’s father cannot stand Mark’s prettiness and long hair, so she hides her growing relationship with Mark. However, her dilemma is greater when trying to decipher whether Jack and Mark are lovers, or not. Mark adores Sharon’s fiery lust and independent nature, but fumes when he discovers that she has hidden their relationship from her over controlling, bigot father. Ms. Hauser’s characters are lewd although delightful. Sharon is a confident, assertive young woman who goes after whatever she wants; at the moment it’s Mark. Her sexuality is not an issue either as she initiates most of their interludes. Mark is a sensitive, calm man but manages Sharon’s pushy nature while meeting her sexual prowess with cool aplomb. The sex in this book is like molten lava, flowing all through the pages.

Reviewer: Pamela Jenewein

3 Total Reviews of This Book Sharon Tice has the world at her feet. Successful, beautiful, and an executive in her father's firm, the only thing missing is the boyfriend to match. But, she soon meets Mark Antonious Richfield, all that a woman could want in a man. Attraction is instantaneous between the two but nothing is ever easy. Rumors and innuendos surround the handsome Mark, especially when it comes to his blond, Adonis of a roommate, Jack. Can Sharon get to the bottom and discover the truth or will it all boil down to A Question of Sex
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exciting story, A Question of Sex charts the birth of a young romance that must first penetrate the barriers of stereotyping, which allows a person to see beyond the surface of another
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A Question of Sex is a raunchy but fun story about two people trying to fit family and their blooming relationship into one neat little package. Sharon’s father cannot stand Mark’s prettiness and long hair, so she hides her growing relationship with Mark. However, her dilemma is greater when
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