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Mark and Sharon

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Book: Mark and Sharon


Sharon Tice adores Mark's long auburn hair that emphasizes his beauty, which touches on feminine; she's never been attracted to rugged handsomeness. Giving Mark oral sex in the elevator tells that he likes women, a lot. Although, after meeting his housemate, Jack draws a different picture as the man's attraction to Mark is clearly evident.

Mark Richfield, L.A.'s most eligible bachelor and well-known architect, is elated when G & T Corporation awards him the design contract for their high-rise building. Getting the owner's daughter in the deal is fortuitous. Her assertive sexual prowess is stimulating, while her keeping their relationship a secret is irritating.

A lewd but exciting story, A Question of Sex charts the birth of a young romance that must first penetrate the barriers of stereotyping, which allows a person to see beyond the surface of another. All his life Mark's almost feminine beauty typecasts him as being gay; born from his long hair and calm English mannerism. Yet Sharon Tice sees only a gorgeous man. However, from the beginning she struggles with Mark's housemate, and long-standing friend, Jack Larsen. Their closeness seems unnatural to Sharon, giving her the impression that they may have been lovers. When playing softball together, Mark allowing Jack to pat him on the butt heightens Sharon's awareness of their comfortable familiarity that leads to the belief that Mark may be bisexual, even.

To make matters worse, Sharon's father despises Mark because of his prettiness and uncut hair. She convinces Mark to hide their relationship until after he gets the design contract however, once it's done she maintains the charade; fearing her father's anger. When their relationship is discovered, Sharon and her father argue, though mostly about Mark's sexuality. Seeking comfort, Sharon heads to Mark's house where they naturally land in bed, at least until she discovers a bottle of lube in his nightstand. After all the times they made love her continued uncertainty, about his sexual orientation, angers Mark. Their break-up leaves them aching.

The characters are lively and sincere. Mark is a sensitive, tolerant man who admires Sharon's independent and fiery carnal spirit. He quickly forgives when she apologizes for assuming he's gay, while lenient when she still doesn't tell her father about their relationship. Sharon is an assertive, confident woman. Definitely a woman who carries no sexual inhibitions she takes charge whenever the opportunity arises for her to make love to Mark. The plot is steady though fast paced, making it an entertaining read.

Reviewer: Pamela Craft-Jenewein

3 Total Reviews of This Book Sharon Tice has the world at her feet. Successful, beautiful, and an executive in her father's firm, the only thing missing is the boyfriend to match. But, she soon meets Mark Antonious Richfield, all that a woman could want in a man. Attraction is instantaneous between the two but nothing is ever easy. Rumors and innuendos surround the handsome Mark, especially when it comes to his blond, Adonis of a roommate, Jack. Can Sharon get to the bottom and discover the truth or will it all boil down to A Question of Sex
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exciting story, A Question of Sex charts the birth of a young romance that must first penetrate the barriers of stereotyping, which allows a person to see beyond the surface of another
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A Question of Sex is a raunchy but fun story about two people trying to fit family and their blooming relationship into one neat little package. Sharon’s father cannot stand Mark’s prettiness and long hair, so she hides her growing relationship with Mark. However, her dilemma is greater when
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