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When Adam Met Jack

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Book: When Adam Met Jack


Attorney Jack Larsen may not have everything he wants, but between his successful career and best friend Mark Richfield, he’s content. But when Mark comes out of the closet only to declare his love for ex-LAPD officer Steve Miller, Jack is devastated. Months later and still wounded, he’s not looking to be swept off his feet, but it’s hard to say no to handsome Hollywood hotshot Adam Lewis.
Adam Lewis has made a name for himself representing some of today’s brightest stars. But when his business partner is accused of unethical behavior, he finds himself in need of legal advice. When Adam walks into the law office of Jack Larsen, it’s strictly business until he sets eyes on the powerful and sexy hero that’s about to rescue his reputation.

"When Adam Met Jack" is an amazing new novel by G.A. Hauser featuring characters from "Love you Loveday," "For Love and Money," and "Capital Games." It’s got the glamor of the entertainment industry, the drama of the courtroom, and the amazing passion that you’ve come to expect from every G.A. Hauser book.

Adam Lewis’s life is in crisis. He has worked at a talent agency for ten years and has finally had it with his partner, Jack Turner’s, business practice of using the casting couch with all of his clients. Turner trades a blow job for a job and after one of the clients went to the police, Adam decided to support him. At the same time, Jack Larsen is having problems with his friend Mark who he has been in love with for years until Mark fell in love with an ex-cop leaving Jack’s feelings hanging.

Jack and Adam’s world collide when Adam goes to Jack for legal advice about going to the police about his business partner. Adam is very afraid of not only Turner’s influence in the industry, but also his vicious temper which is legendary. Turning states evidence will not only help the case, but hopefully insure that Adam doesn’t get pulled into the law suit. He may have not said anything, but before this no one had ever complained or asked for his help either. The fight is s soon on and as Adam and Jack work together, they begin to see each other with new eyes. Can Jack get over his old love and move into a brighter future with a new love? Will Jack ever mend the rift between himself and Mark? Will Jack find a way to protect Adam from Turner and explore their budding feelings for one another?

Ms. Hauser has created a vivid portrayal of the acting industry, showing its good and bad points writing about the lives of very strong men who are dealing with complex life situations. Adam works in a difficult industry, but he has somehow maintained his integrity and is willing to stand up for what is right, no matter what the cost is. Jack has a strange relationship with his friend Mark and he hasn’t found a way to get over his feelings when Mark keeps trying to spend time with him. Adam is the breath of fresh air that Jack needs if he will just give their feelings a chance.

Between the complex relationships and plotline, Ms. Hauser has created a story that ensnares the reader from the very start. I am intrigued by the character Angel Loveday and look forward reading his book "Love You, Loveday."

Reviewer: Teresa
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