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Naked Dragon

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Book: Naked Dragon


All right. This is more a suspense thriller than a romance. But even if I'm not fond of suspense thriller I like this one because I feel a woman’s hand on it. It's about a serial killer and you have sadly plenty of victims, but the author doesn't indulge on it. Dave is a black cop of the Seattle Police Department.

He is a tough guy but he has an heart. And heart which suffers when he has to witness to the victim, but he also manages to be professional. So he is noticed by Robbie, the FBI Agent who has the mission to hunt the serial killer.r>
Robbie is a "psychic" for the FBI, but really he has only a good observance spirit and intuition. And so he from the start unveil Dave's little secret: he is gay, but he is not out, because he fears the judge of people, co-workers, family and friends. Robbie is up to have a sexual relationship with Dave, without string attachment. And not because he has the hots for every hunky man he meets, but because Dave is a good man and a good cop.

It's not his battle to push Dave to coming out, not when he will be far from Seattle once the case is over. Dave and Robbie are both strong characters with "heart". They are not the usual invincible cops, who hunt the bad and get the girl. They are human, and like human they can't prevent the feelings blossoming between them. In a world of dirty and evil, they can hope for an happily ever after together.

In this book, Hauser has left behind her usual pretty characters and the glittering world of models and actors. In this book nothing glitters, if not a pure and simple feeling between Dave and Robbie: a love feeling so natural and quite, but so strong to be able to win the main scene in front of the suspense plot.

I think this can be an M/M novel that can appeal to a wide audience, because it is not only about love and sex between two men, but sure can appeal to who loves to read about it.

Reviewer: Elisa Rolle

8 Total Reviews of This Book Naked Dragon is a balancing act between a nail-biting suspenseful crime drama and the unfolding romance between two unlikely heroes brought together under dire circumstances.
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they can hope for an happily ever after together.In this book, G.A. Hauser has left behind her usual pretty characters and the glittering world of models and actors. In this book nothing glitters, if not a pure and simple feeling between Dave and Robbie: a love feeling so natural and quite, but so strong.
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G.A Hauser is one of the top rated writers. She brings out feelings, wants and desires. In NAKED DRAGON, she writes about finding courage from within yourself and to believe in the abilities of the one you love and care for. It has hot men, great sex, and true friends who accept you for yourself. Her writing style is clean, her plots winds around her characters with a steady pace. It is such a great pleasure to read.
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Using tension, danger and a hefty touch of passion, G.A. Hauser brings to life the world of serial killers and the people who investigate them in Naked Dragon.
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The killings are increasing. The killer is on to them and Dave and Robbie are running out of time. This story has a chillingly realistic feel to it. The author’s descriptions of the crime scenes are very well done. I also really enjoyed the glimpse that the author provides
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This is much more than a hot M/M erotica romance. It is a riveting and amazingly well written thriller which have me glued to the pages till the very end. Kudos to this prolific writer for such a gripping and fascinating read
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Officer David Harris has been a Seattle Police Officer for three years now. So when the call went out, he knew it was another victim of a killer that came to Seattle, Washington. He met his Sarge at the apartment building, and both went in to the room. As they came out of the room, they were informed that the FBI was taking over the case and would be the lead on it. As David waited the FBI agents showed up, he noticed that one stood back from the others, he had closed eyes as if to meditated. David was fascinated by him. He didn't fit the FBI image - he had long hair, trim body, and when he opened his eyes they were brilliant blue. David couldn't stop looking at him or stop thinking about him.
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I started this book right after reading another of the author's books, "The Kiss". While that book was a bit disappointing, this one made me an instant fan. "Naked Dragon" is a well done gay romantic mystery with a more serious tone.
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