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Secrets and Misdemeanors

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Book: Secrets and Misdemeanors


Secrets and Misdemeanors by G.A. Hauser is a homoerotic contemporary romance.

Lyle Wilson recently moved to LA and moved in with one of his co-workers, Jeff Best, but the situation isn’t working out. Lyle isn’t sure what is gong on with Jeff, but the situation is getting more and more strange. While at work, Lyle sees a man, David Thornton, who is the embodiment of everything he ever wanted, but growing up in the Midwest limited his chances of exploring his sexuality. David is having his own troubles with his selfish, intrusive and crazy ex-wife. David’s first thought when he looked at Lyle is- what a god. Lyle takes a chance and approaches David while working and both of them realize that the attraction is mutual. Jennifer, a co-worker with David, notices the visual exchange between the two and encourages David to go with his feelings. Even though they are poles apart, David owning a law office and Lyle a construction worker almost twenty years younger, they come together in an explosive scene that changes the way they look at each other forever. Unfortunately David and Lyle have many obstacles to overcome; a jealous ex-wife, an unstable roommate, a big age difference, and society itself that frowns on homosexual love before they could have a chance to find happiness.

Ms. Hauser has created a fascinating story that explores many present day issues that face many people in society. David has had much success is work, but little in his private life. Lyle has finally arrived at a time and place in his life where he is willing to take a chance and explore his feelings with the one man who he can’t overlook. Together they learn that love, even though it causes complications, can bring happiness beyond belief and if you try hard enough it can overcome all obstacles. Thanks go to Ms. Hauser for another incredible read.

Reviewer: Teresa
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