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Secrets and Misdemeanors

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Book: Secrets and Misdemeanors


This is my first M/M book and I wasn't sure what to expect. So, I decided to read it with the same expectations for any romance book I read. Will I care about the characters? Is the conflict believable? Will I get my HEA? Those are some of the basic bones of romance I look for and G.A. Hauser delivered every single one.

I cared about David's happiness. His ex-wife is the stuff of nightmares and I kept gritting my teeth every time she had a scene because she MADE a scene. What a horrible personality! The fact that she seemed more than willing to use their children as chess pieces just burned me. I really don't like it when parents do that. Even worse is when they get away with it. I was gratified to see the author handle that serpent with dignity. She gave David a heck of a lot more patience in dealing with her than I would have done. After a few episodes of venom, I was really ready for David to have his HEA. He more than earned it. Lyle was not only adorable but he was cautious, sweet, courageous and all man. He had a few issues to deal with as well, but none of his personal making. That was a bit scary and not only made for a great conflict - his relationship with his room mate ... well, non-relationship, really - was quite effective in moving the story along.

The love scenes were, in a word, hot. At one point I sort of had the feeling that it was rushed a bit to get to the "I love you" part, but that's the only blip on an otherwise satisfying romance. I enjoyed the tenderness they displayed and never did I feel a scene was gratuitous. Sure, they enjoyed each other, but the story and character development was not jeopardized in any way.

All in all, from a strictly mainstream romance reader's point of view, Secrets and Misdemeanors hit all the high notes of a beautiful romance in a wonderful story about memorable characters.

Reviewer: Xeranthemum
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