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One Two Three

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Book: One Two Three


Granger knelt behind Thomas as Thomas did flies on the bench. When he weakened slightly, Granger cupped Thomas’ elbows and spotted him for the last few.
Thomas Perkins was fucking hot!
Granger couldn’t get enough of staring at his golden brown hair with blond highlights. Salon or natural? Granger didn’t care. And that light sandy colored hair with his sky blue eyes? Granger imagined Thomas bound to a bed, legs spread, so he could eat him for hours.
When he stood behind Thomas and noticed that erection under his blue shorts? Granger knew what he had. He had a gay man. Single? That he did not know.
But knowing this man was gay made the teasing fun.
Being the object of many gay men’s leers, Granger knew he was hot to older guys. But in a straight gym environment, the test of whether a man was gay or not was their dicks. If Granger got them hard, he let his guard down and teased the hell out of them.
Usually just for the fun of it, but with this guy? Holy shit. Granger wanted him. But…it appeared Thomas and Ken were a couple. They kept exchanging silent messages and eye contact, so Granger didn’t ask Thomas anything overt about his personal life. He wasn’t the kind of man break up a long term couple, but Granger didn’t know what was going on. All he did know was the two of them were communicating silently.
“Fuck.” Thomas lay still on the bench and caught his breath. The man was bathed in sweat and his scent was making Granger’s mouth water.
“Ya sore, Tommy-baby?” Granger nudged Thomas’ knee with his own as he stood over him.
“I will be later today and tomorrow. I know the drill. The lactic acid is going to kill me.” Thomas used his shirt to wipe his face again, showing off his amazingly cut abs and chest. Since the man was fair complected, he didn’t have any visible hair other than a light brown treasure trail.
“You love it.” Granger pressed his knee against Thomas’, crossing his arms and looking down his nose at him. “My guess is you’ll come back for more torture… tomorrow.”
“If I don’t want to die, I will. I have to work out tomorrow or my body will be too stiff to move.”
“No such thing as too stiff.” Granger looked around and caught that older man watching again so he stopped flirting. “What time?”
“Huh? I don’t know. Why?” Thomas sat up, his shirt dropping back down as he did.
“I’ll be here. I work all day tomorrow. Want me to torture you again?”
“Sure.” Thomas laughed. “You look like you enjoy it. Too much.”
“You have no idea.” Granger glanced at the older man who was watching them like a hawk and said, “Well, that’s it for today. If you want to actually schedule another appointment, let me know. Wes will do the paperwork for the membership for you before you leave.”
“I do want an appointment. How’s ten?”
“Ten.” Granger smiled at him and headed off to write it down in his work schedule. He passed by the other man as he did and said, “You got one hell of a tough friend.”
“Huh?” the older man blinked.

“Nothing.” Granger’s smile faded and he jogged to the desk to mark his calendar. When he looked back at Thomas, he and the other man were together, talking. Granger wrote Thomas’ name into his planner and thought, Why are all the good ones taken?