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Marry Me

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Book: Marry Me


Wednesday morning, Braxton was slightly less tense because Fabian had lessened his work load substantially. But, he still had one more date tonight…hopefully not a date with disaster, and promised himself he would never allow himself to be auctioned off again.
Control. Being in a situation where he was dining with people he would never care to dine with, forced Braxton to give up control. And yes, he was a self-admitted control freak. It was all part of his genetic make-up. And the major reason why he failed at relationships. He was impatient, demanding, a perfectionist, and picky. He certainly wouldn’t want to date a man like himself and at the moment, he had given up on looking for a partner completely.
It was a fun game in his twenties. Now? It was a frustrating mess.
He came through the office door to his usual coffee and breakfast of fruit and yogurt. Brianna was smiling, as if she were finally not overworked and behind on all her calls.
“Good morning, Braxton!”
He was slightly surprised at her energetic greeting. “Good morning.” He picked up the cardboard tray to take to his office, inspecting her grin and sly smile. Down the hall he could hear Fabian on the phone, already deep into his work and doing an outstanding job.
Braxton placed the tray down, took off his suit jacket and sat behind his desk.
Brianna stood at his doorway. “Sophia already called. Date number three…she wants to make sure you remember.”
“How can I forget? Three days in hell?” He took the cup out of the holder and sipped the latte. “How’s Fabian doing today?”
After a smirk she asked, “Why don’t you go see for yourself?”
Braxton raised his eyebrow. “Why?”
“I don’t know. Just because you want to be polite and say hi.”
The slight upturn to Brianna’s smile on one side of her lips had Braxton suspecting she was matchmaking. Something Brianna never did.
He set his cup down and walked towards her, looking down at her petite frame as he did. She giggled like a kid and watched as he walked down the hall. Before he looked in on Fabian he glanced back at her. She gave him a wicked smile and crossed her arms.
Braxton stood at Fabian’s opened door while Fabian spoke on the phone and typed simultaneously.
The man was to die for, dressed in a tight black crew neck top and black jacket, his chiseled jaw clean shaven and a slight scent of aftershave or cologne in the room made Braxton’s cock move in his slacks. Fabian noticed him and met his gaze.
The shock of bright blue nearly made Braxton swoon. Okay, the guy was great…gorgeous…oh Christ, shoot me.
“Hang on,” Fabian said into the phone and cupped the receiver. “Need me?”
I think I fucking do.
“Just wanted to say good morning.”
Fabian’s smile lit up his handsome face. “Good morning.”
Braxton spotted the coffee on his desk. “Do you have everything you desire? Urr, I mean, need for the day?”
Fabian glance down at Braxton’s crotch for just a brief second. But that second made Braxton’s groin tingle and his cock go stiff.
“I do.” Fabian gave him an adoring smile that set the hairs standing on Braxton’s skin.
“Good.” Braxton returned the smile and nodded, walking away, trying to figure out what was really going on here. As he made his way down the hall, Brianna was at her desk, sipping her coffee.
She said, “He looks fucking hot today, doesn’t he?”
“Stop instigating. You know my track record. And I can’t lose him.”
“I have a feeling he feels the same way about you.”
Braxton opened his mouth to ask why, but reconsidered when her phone rang.