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Man To Man

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Book: Man To Man


Glancing sideways at the handsome man, Tanner grinned at his enthusiasm. “It’s already an insane asylum on the beach, Josh. But it gets even worse during the holiday weekends. That’s when the mobs show up.”

“It gets bad. I know. I used to be one of the weekend bathers here.”

When Josh’s shoulder brushed his, Tanner glimpsed down at him quickly. “Are you intending on being a full time permanent?”

“I am.” Josh beamed at him in excitement.

Though Tanner wasn’t attracted to men, he certainly knew an exceptional one when he bumped into one. Josh was fucking pretty.

“Good. It’s nice to find someone who wants to make a career out of it. Most people just work for the summer and leave.”

“Yes. I figured that. You only need the extra bodies in the summer.”

The sand was warming quickly in the morning sun. Tanner felt Josh brushing against him again. He checked to see if Josh even knew he was walking practically on top of him or if he was just being clumsy.

When it happened again, Tanner asked, “You okay?”

“Yes, why?”

Tanner made an obvious gesture to the way their arms overlapped.

“Maybe I am a little nervous.” Josh flashed him a sensual smile and did not move away.

It sent an odd flutter to Tanner’s mid-section. Christ, if he were a woman, I’d ask him out. Holy fuck.

“You’ll do fine. I remember you from the thousand meter swim. You were one of the top five.”

“I try my best.” Josh rubbed affectionately against Tanner’s side.

Is this a come on? Tanner couldn’t remember a man acting quite so boldly toward him before.

They arrived at their tower. Tanner paused to look back at Josh before he walked up the wooden ramp. Connecting with Josh’s sea green eyes, Tanner felt so much sensuality and raw attraction coming from them, his cock moved.

That stunned him.

In thirty fucking years, looking at every shape of semi-clad bodies on a beach, Tanner had never reacted to another man before and it shocked the hell out of him.


Holy fuck, I want you.

Following Tanner closely, Josh could smell his scent from where he stood. Sweat, coconut sunscreen, and if he leaned close enough, he could swear he could catch a whiff of his balls. He had to touch him. It wasn’t an option.

Tanner unlocked the hut and pointed out a few things. “That’s the emergency line. You can call 911 or the dispatch to get a break when you need one…this is the log book...”

Josh pressed up against Tanner from behind as he showed him the paperwork. Let Tanner move. I’m not.

“Uh,” Tanner stammered, “You…you need to write what you’ve done for the day here...just…uh, just the event…and if uh, you get…get…uh…the zip code of the victim or contact…”

“Uh huh.” The heat of Tanner’s body and his scent was driving Josh insane. He smiled to himself at ruffling the big muscular hunk. He almost laughed as Tanner continued to stutter like a nervous teenager.

As Tanner pointed to the cones and the first aid kit, and anything else that the hut contained, Josh made sure he had Tanner’s attention. When he did, Josh gripped the back collar of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head as slowly and as seductively as he could. Once it was off, Josh brushed his fingers through his hair and fixed his sunglasses to sit better on his nose.

“Right. Uh…” Tanner tore his gaze off Josh’s chest. “Uh…where was I? Oh, right. Man the tower at all times unless you feel it’s quiet enough to do sprints or exercises. Use your judgment obviously and always take a rescue can with you when you leave here.”

As Tanner explained the routine, Josh followed him out of the shack again. When they were standing at the front rail, Josh glanced over at a pair of women walking towards them, most likely on their way to the next tower. It seemed they were scoping him and Tanner out as they neared.

Seeing the typical California babe type, Josh focused on Tanner again and imagined those women would be very hot for a man as gorgeous as Tanner. The guy was most likely beating them off with a stick.

“and…uh…make sure you let someone know if you need a break and drink plenty of water, especially when it gets in the nineties…”

Josh rubbed his hand over his crotch. He was getting a fucking hard-on staring at this man. Jesus. What? Six two? Six three? Look at the arms on the guy. I need mouth to mouth resuscitation please.

“Okay, Josh, do you have any questions?”

Josh woke up at the sound of his name. “No.” Other than, will you go out with me?