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Born to be Wilde

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Book: Born to be Wilde


JJ napped on his bunk after chow. The temperatures outside had cooled off substantially but getting that cool air inside the walls of the penitentiary was a challenge, so their little fan rattled as it blew.
He ran his hand over his chest, down his abs to his waistband. Why was he thinking of McClintock in a sexual way?
Why? Because he’s fucking gorgeous.
Most of the guards were average looking men, some too old to be appealing to him, some retired military and leaning to the far right in their politics and opinions, others simply not his type. Mike McClintock was JJ’s type. Masculine, tall, well built, chiseled jaw and cheekbones…
He slipped his hand into his pants and covered up with the blanket. The guard’s jingling keys were usually a signal that they were on their way, and they didn’t come every hour.
JJ closed his eyes and imagined Mike and him kissing. His cock swelled and he bent his knees under the blanket.
Maybe Mike would be the aggressor, pushing JJ to the ground on his knees or pinning him to a wall. JJ envisioned Mike fucking him, hammering his cock into his ass. He cupped the head of his dick as he fisted himself and came, biting back his grunts.
“Dude, Bell’s on his way.”
Hearing his cellmate’s warning, JJ got off the bed and washed up at the sink, making sure his jeans were closed. The jangling key sound got closer as JJ dried his hands and looked over his shoulder.
Corey leaned against the cell door frame as Lloyd passed. “Hey, Bell.”
JJ watched Lloyd keep walking past, and climbed back onto his bunk, hanging his legs off it. “Thanks.”
“No problem. My turn.” Corey lay down on his bunk as JJ looked out of the door from where he was. The bunk trembled, which occurred many nights to both of them in the dark. It didn’t take long. Soon Corey stood at the sink, washing his hands.
“Could have sucked it.” JJ joked.
“No thanks, man.”
“The one guy in the place who doesn’t want me to give him a blowjob.”
Corey laughed, then met JJ’s eyes. “Lately. I think since the gossip has picked up about McClintock, you’re getting caught in the crossfire.”
“I have no idea why. All we did was say hello.”
“In this place?” Corey shook his head and blew out a sarcastic breath of air. “You don’t even have to do that.” He hopped back on his bed and sighed.
After a long moment of silence, Corey asked quietly, “Do you like the newbie?”
“I don’t dislike him.” JJ kicked his legs gently, slouched, hands on the edge of the bed. Soon they would lock them in and shut the lights.
“Rumor is he likes you. A lot.”
“Rumor. What more has to be said? I don’t think the guy’s gay.”
“No gay-dar thing happening?”
“Not sure.”
Eric appeared at their door. “Here’s your catalogue.”
“Gimme that. I need some shit.” Corey reached out and Eric handed it to him.
“Bought some playing cards and dominos.” Eric leaned against the bunk bed frame.
“I’m going to get some of those Alpine meals. I can’t stand the food in here anymore.”
JJ hung over the edge to look at Corey then asked Eric, “Find out who’s making spreads.”
“I haven’t heard anything for a while. I can ask Arial. The last one with the chili chips and cheese was really good.”
“Yeck.” Corey flipped the pages of the catalogue.
The building officer yelled, “Lights out, guys!”
“See ya.” Eric waved and closed the cell door.
Soon after the sound of the locks echoed in the room and the lights went off. JJ heard the catalogue hit the floor. He shimmied out of his jeans and took off his shirt, folding them against the bed and wall and crawled under the blanket. They had a small desk lamp and could have stayed up, but he knew he was exhausted and assumed so was Corey.
“I hate this place, JJ. I miss my wife.”
“When is she coming by next?”
“The weekend. She’s working overtime all this week.”
“Sorry, Corey. Hang in there.”
“Wish I liked cock. It’s the one thing I can’t get in here…pussy.”
JJ smiled sadly. “Hey, I like cock and there still isn’t someone in here I would want to be my lover full time.”
“Least you can get off if you want.”
“You have any idea how fucked I’d be if I got the dude mad at me?” He heard Corey laugh.
“Yeah. True. Night, JJ.”
“Night, Corey.”
Mike ran along the coast as the evening cooled off. Since it was summer, hundreds of bathers and outdoor enthusiasts were all over the area. High tourist season for the California coast. He didn’t mind. The town felt alive and festive. He checked the time and jogged to his truck, headed for his evening mixed martial arts class and sparring.
Feeling ready to rumble after the refreshing run, he drove the few miles to the athletic club and parked in their lot. Grabbing his bag, Mike made his way inside the building to the locker room to put on his boxing shorts and change out of his sweaty running shorts. He didn’t use a cup on nights they did light practices. Few did since they were hot and uncomfortable, not to mention, kicks and hits to the groin were forbidden.
“Hey, Mike.”
“Hey Stu.” Mike nodded as he stripped off his shorts and tossed them into the locker.
“How’s the new job at the prison going?”
“Eh. So-so.” Mike tilted his head as he spoke. “Guess I just have to get used to it.”
“I couldn’t do it. Hate being cooped up inside all day. And that place?” Stu whistled. “No thanks!”
“It’s not for everyone.” Mike sat on the bench to put on his shoes.
“You think you’ll last?”
“I don’t know. I’ve invested a lot of time in the corrections academy and shit.” He stood and removed his mouthpiece and gloves from his bag.
He and Stu walked out to the exercise area together where around a dozen men were warming up outside the cage.
The instructor greeted them and put them through some warm-ups, though Mike was feeling good from his run.
Once that was done, Mike was selected to spar with another student. He put his mouthpiece in and then Velcro’d his gloves onto his knuckles.
He and the other man began to dance around each other until Mike got aggressive and began hammering him with kicks and punches, with ‘limited contact’ since they were only practicing. The group had no idea he was gay, and he had no intentions of telling them.
He threw his competitor to the mat and dropped down between the man’s legs to pin him to the floor. Though their cocks were pushing against each other, Mike didn’t get excited. He was distracted thinking of one man.

Jesse James Wilde.