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Midnight in London

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Book: Midnight in London


Ted wondered what kind of image he was portraying to the public. He had thought he was just being himself. Maybe the interviews, where he was exceptionally nervous, came across wrong.
Lofty? Me?
The crew that worked with him knew that wasn't the case. He was one of the gang. At least he hoped he was. The last thing Ted wanted was to be an outsider like he had been in high school.
While Kevin checked out of the hotel, the chauffeur collected Kevin's bag and took it to the car.
Ted lost his focus as he watched the man in the black suit open the 'boot' and load the bag. No matter how big Ted became, he never would outgrow a nagging insecurity that he was not one of the 'popular' boys. Never 'in' with the jocks and pretty boys and girls. Though Ted had outgrown the braces and acne, he didn't think of himself as handsome. He wasn't horrible, but no movie star.
"Okay." Kevin pocketed his wallet and met his gaze.
Ted stared into the blue eyes of his gorgeous hunk and wondered if he was being taken advantage of. Ted nodded and the two of them walked to the car where the driver had opened the back door for them.
As Ted entered the car, he tried to shake the old ghosts that haunted him. Was Kevin using him for a job? No.
"You tired, Ted?"
"Huh?" Ted came back from his daydream. "Maybe a little."
"When's your flight out?"
"Tomorrow evening. I have one more meeting at the Congress Centre in the morning."
Kevin nodded, opening his hand.
Ted clasped it.
Then to Ted's surprise Kevin drew Ted closer, putting his arm around him and allowing Ted to rest his head on Kevin's shoulder. Being the older of the two, Ted thought it was odd, but nice. He relaxed and took advantage of the comfort. He couldn't recall the last time someone had just held him close, for the sake of making him feel good.
As the car made its way to The Strand Palace, Ted grew drowsy. Kevin nestled against his hair, kissing him. It made Ted smile.
It occurred to him, Kevin was used to being with women, young women. Maybe this is how Kevin showed his affection. Ted looked up at him, their lips became close.
After licking his own lips, Kevin stared at him. With a little movement, Ted met Kevin's mouth.
To Ted's astonishment, Kevin sprang into motion, cupping Ted's jaw and pushing him to lie on the wide bench seat. The passion coming from Kevin consumed Ted. What he thought would be a little peck of their lips became a wild show of just who was the man in the car. It wasn't Ted.
Kevin moaned and pinned Ted to the seat, like he had done on the ground by the Thames. Ted didn't complain. He loved it.
He felt the car stop and blinked open his eyes.
"The Strand, sir," the driver said.
Before Ted could react, the back door opened.
Ted peeked. The door man wearing a top hat had opened the back door for him. "Oops! Sorry, sir." The door closed.
Kevin sat up and wiped his mouth. "Sorry, Ted."
Ted was ruffled and didn't reply. He pointed to the door and Kevin opened it from within.