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Behaving Badly

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Book: Behaving Badly


Steve braced himself for Jack’s reaction. Positioning himself behind Alex so he could see Jack’s face the minute he laid eyes on him, Steve held his breath.

“Hey, Mark.” Jack pecked him on the lips.

“Hi, Mark.” Adam held Mark’s face and kissed him as well.

Steve bit his lip as the two handsome men scanned the crowd for him. Before they locked eyes, Jack went pale. Steve watched him closely.

“Holy fuck!” Jack exclaimed before he could prevent it causing a few patrons to spin around and stare.
Steve had to cover his mouth before he died laughing.

“Jackie, this is…” Mark began.

“Holy-mother-fucking-god!” Jack grabbed Adam by the shoulder to steady himself before he fell over.

At first, Alex flinched at the strong reaction, but soon gained his composure. “Wow,” Alex crooned, “Am I that hot?”

“Yes!” Adam looked at Mark, only just noticing Steve in the room.

“Do you need to sit down, Jackie?” Mark reached for Jack as he staggered backwards.

“Is he? Is he related?” Jack squeaked out.

“He’s my son, Jackie,” Mark announced proudly.

Steve had to chew his lip not to say anything. Jack’s reaction was identical to his. And he knew exactly what Jack was thinking and feeling. Yes, this is the Mark Richfield you fell head over heels in love with in college, Mr. Larsen.

Steve leaned towards the bar. “A shot of tequila please?”

“Coming up.”

“Jackie?” Mark shook Jack to get him to come around. Jack was gaping at Alex with his mouth hanging open.

Steve paid for the drink, thanking the man. He moved to where Jack was swaying nervously and held out the shot. “Take this, Larsen.”

Without hesitation, Jack tossed it down his throat. “Your son? You have a son?” Jack choked as the heat of the tequila hit him.
“Richfield, table for five,” was called over the din.

Steve wrapped around Alex as they followed the host. It seemed Alex wasn’t prepared for Jack’s extreme reaction and appeared slightly stunned.

Allowing Alex to sit between he and Mark, Steve waited as Jack barely managed to find his chair as he stared at Alex in disbelief.

Adam slapped Jack’s cheeks as if trying to rouse him.

“How do you have a son?” Jack nudged Adam’s hand away from his face.

“Obviously I had an affair with Alex’s mother.” Mark set his napkin on his lap, laying one on Alex’s for him.

“Who?” Jack leaned his elbows on the table.

“Iris.” Mark asked Alex, “What was your mother’s maiden name, Alex?”

“Man, you don’t know a thing about her,” Alex chided. “Johansen. Jesus, Dad.”

“Sorry, love.”

“Dad? He calls you dad?” Jack exclaimed.

Adam whacked Jack’s arm. “You need a bib, Larsen? Christ, roll your tongue back in.”

Alex laughed at that comment. “Don’t I look like Dad from the photo where he’s licking you, Jackie?”

Jack choked in shock.

Steve knew it would be too much for Jack. He could have predicted this.

“You want me to lick you?”

“Alex. Behave.” Mark wagged his finger at him.

Biting his knuckle so he wouldn’t laugh, Steve watched Jack’s cheeks go from pale to raspberry.

“I need a minute.” Jack staggered to his feet.

“Jack?” Adam was about to follow.

“A minute!” Jack warned, walking away.

“Blimey!” Mark laughed uneasily. “I had no idea he’d go all crazy.” Mark sipped his drink.

When the waiter showed up, Adam ordered he and Jack margaritas.

Steve was dying to speak to Jack. “Let me check on him.”

“I can go.” Adam made a move to stand.

“Let me, Adam.” Meeting Alex’s anxious eyes as he stood, Steve gave Alex a reassuring smile and left to locate the stunned blond.

He found him at the bar. Moving next to him, Jack was shooting down another glass of tequila. Steve could see his hands shaking.

Hey, buddy, you gonna live?” Steve put his arm around him.

Jack met his eye. “I don’t believe this.”

“I had the same reaction. Identical.”

Turning to face him, Jack set the empty on the counter and exhaled in a blast. “He’s Mark’s fucking clone! Steve, that is exactly what he looked like when I met him at Stanford.”

“I know.” Steve laughed softly.

“Did he just show up?’

“He did. Around ten this morning. Jack, he’s already moved in.”


“Yes. He’s been accepted to UCLA and his home life sucks.”

“How did they get together?”

Alex found Mark’s cologne ad. He could see the resemblance and asked his mother. She finally let the cat out of the bag. They tracked Mark down from there.”

“Shit.” Jack’s hands were still shaking. “It’s like seeing a ghost.”

“Are you driving?”

“Fuck no. I need another shot.” Jack signaled the bartender and he acknowledged him. “Steve,” Jack whispered softly, “he’s so beautiful.”

“I know.” Steve caressed Jack’s cheek lovingly.