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The Order of Wolves

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Book: The Order of Wolves


Look at you. Charlie hadn't always preferred men as sexual partners. He had dated women exclusively, and at one time considered the idea of asking out one of Vernon's lovely daughters, Suzie or Sherlane. But...
A chance meeting on the roadside on Interstate 80 with a gay man changed all that. ‘Joe' offered Charlie a blowjob after helping him change a flat tire. Charlie couldn't recall the last time anyone had offered him such a lovely treat, so he accepted, assuming doing something once with a man was curiosity, nothing more. But after the contact, Charlie was left craving another sexual encounter with a man.
That's when he met Roman, who he found stark naked on ranch property. The sexual appetite of Roman, not to mention his good looks, gave Charlie another chance to see if... If an alternative lifestyle was something he could consider.
It was.
The closer he and Roman got, the less Charlie craved lying with a woman.
And now? Now that they were both half wolf/ half man, or a third wolf, a third crow, (which Charlie had yet to change into) and a third man. What on earth are we?
Charlie's sexual drive had hit an all time peak. All he wanted to do was hump Roman, suck him, roll on him, and sniff him. It was madness at its highest level, and pure fantasy.
With his morning erection needing some attention, Charlie dug one hand under Roman and curled him into an embrace. Slowly Roman came to the surface of his slumber. His bedroom brown eyes opened under dark lashes, making Charlie shiver with desire.
"Howdy, partner." Charlie smiled, giving Roman's neck a good sniff.
"That's some wake-up call." Roman parted his legs and pressed their crotches together.
"Rise n' shine." Charlie licked Roman's jaw, beginning to assert his dominance over him, urging Roman to his back.
A sound like a low purr came from Roman as he submitted to Charlie's advance. Spreading wide, he allowed Charlie to do as he pleased, which made Charlie a happy man.
Once Charlie had licked his way down to Roman's chest, giving attention to each nipple, he knelt up and reached for the petroleum jelly left on his nightstand. Though he had intentions of getting condoms and proper lubrication, Charlie wasn't one to go into town very often, and the idea of asking someone to pick those items up for him was impossible. Not to mention, turning into something canine while behind the wheel of his truck, was a daunting prospect. It was against Charlie's nature to take risks, but he was a very trusting man. He trusted Roman.
As Roman watched Charlie prepare, he said, "We have got to get lube. I can't stand that shit."
Charlie chuckled softly. "Read my mind?"
"No. I can't seem to do that to you anymore. But, come on." He curled his nose.
"Lubrication and condoms. I must be outa my mind to be ridin' you bareback."
"Me? I'm clean. Are you kidding me?" Roman shifted on the bed as Charlie inserted two fingers inside him. "Oh, that's nice..." He moaned. "And I haven't had sex for years before we met. Not with this crazy job, I don't."
"Hush up. I'm not believin' that for a minute." Charlie tried to wipe his fingers off and ended up rubbing the remainder into his dry hands. He tugged on his cock to keep it hard, moving closer.
"Right. You believe we turn into animals but you don't believe I don't fuck around anymore. I give up."
"Fuck now, talk later." Charlie rocked Roman's legs backwards so he exposed his ass, pointing his stiff length at it.
Roman held his own knees and raised his hips to make it easier for Charlie. Instead, Charlie backed up, grabbed Roman and spun him around roughly. "Changed my mind. I'm goin' to do you doggie style."
"How appropriate." Roman got on his hands and knees.
"Seems more natural."
"Don't even go there." Roman pushed his face into the pillow.
"I'm goin' there, Roman. Make no mistake." Charlie laughed and gripped Roman around his hips, yanking him closer. He pushed the head of his cock against Roman's tight rim and penetrated him gently.
Roman gave a snarl and wriggled backwards, uniting their bodies.