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It Takes a Man

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Book: It Takes a Man


"Hey." Colby grinned, tossing his keys aside and kicking off his shoes. "Is that the pizza I smell?"
"Roasted garlic." Gino laughed. "I put a mug in the freezer for you."
"Thanks. Be right back."
Gino smiled as Colby headed to the bedroom to change. Gulping the rest of the wine, he managed to pry himself off the sofa and set out two plates and silverware.
Hands surrounded Gino's waist from behind as Colby nuzzled his neck. Gino chuckled. "Is the pizza going to wait?"
"Mm hmm."
Gino relaxed against Colby, feeling his body heat, always boiling and ready for action.
"Am I forgiven for this morning?" Colby brushed aside Gino's braids and kissed his neck.
"I told you. No need for that."
"I have a need."
Gino pivoted around to face him. Seeing Colby without his shirt, his right shoulder tattooed with an Inner Tribal Sun and his left with a bald eagle gripping an American flag, Gino grew excited. He smoothed his hands over Colby's rounded deltoids. The ex-army guy. Gino smiled and visualized Colby in his camouflage ACU's from his photos of he and the boys in Iraq. He had no complaints about their sex life.
Colby brushed his lips against Gino's.
The contrast between Colby's powerful, fierce looks and his gentle touch were like polar opposites. With a man like Colby, Gino would expect the sex to be hard, almost violent.
It wasn't.
It was Colby's touch that sent Gino wild. A trained military killer who caressed him like the tickling of a feather.
Colby kissed him, pressing their lips together. No tongues yet, but still Gino's cock went rigid. He moaned and ran his palms across Colby's skin to cup his large pectoral muscles. "Why do you get me crazy?"
"I don't know. I'm just glad I do." Colby ran tingling kisses down Gino's neck.
Colby allowed Gino to set the pace. If Gino wanted to stand and kiss all night, they would. Colby was easy going. He aimed to please. His loving was pure giving. Gino knew Colby placed his satisfaction well above his own.
Gino had never met a man like Colby, and on first sight he disliked him. Stereotypes took over in Gino's mind. It took a long time before he would even make eye contact with Colby.
As Colby licked Gino's earlobe, nibbling his earring, Gino pressed his crotch into Colby's, feeling where he had grown erect in his gym shorts.
"Do you still want the pizza first?"
"Pizza?" Gino asked, "What pizza?"
Colby laughed softly and held Gino's long braids back in both his hands, staring at his eyes. "No green contacts today?"
"I forgot to put them in. I was really tired this morning."
"I like you either way. So sexy. Gino, you are beautiful."
Feeling his cheeks grow warm, Gino replied, "You sure know how to talk to a man, Colby. I'll give you that."
"It isn't talk. It's how I feel."
Gino reached for Colby's hand and led him to the bedroom. Releasing his grip, Gino spun around and tugged his sweatshirt over his head and his sweatpants down his legs. He had nothing underneath.
Colby groaned and rubbed his own crotch. "What a bod. Holy fuck."
Gino craned his index finger in invitation. "What are you waiting for?"
Before he approached, Colby dropped his gym shorts, stepping out of them. He glided across the carpet and surrounded Gino's waist with both arms, drawing their torsos together.