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Acting Naughty

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Book: Acting Naughty


“You ready, cookie?” Charlotte asked.


“Right! Let’s go, people!”

Carl took off his shirt and climbed into the bed. When Keith looked at him, with the blankets around his hips giving the impression Carl was nude under the covers, Keith felt chills cover his skin. Carl’s torso was hairless and pure muscle. Keith was impressed and hoped he didn’t look thin in comparison.

Charlotte spoke more softly, “You ready, Keith?”

“Yes.” Keith wanted to come across as confidence. He needed Charlotte to see he could handle the pressure.

“Okay…bedroom scene, take one! Action!”

His eyes on Carl as he lay on the bed waiting for him, Keith began unbuttoning his shirt. “I hope it’s enough for you, Troy.”

“Will it ever be enough?”

“It better be. You can’t expect me to keep whoring for you eternally.” Keith dropped his shirt on a chair, leaning down to remove his shoes and socks.

“Whoring? Is that what you’re doing?”

“Sex for payment? What do you call it?” Keith tucked his thumbs in the waistband of his jeans, tugging them down.

“I call it love,” Carl whispered affectionately.

“Love?” Keith yanked off his briefs, laying them over his jeans.

Carl craned his finger at him. “Get over here. Now.”

With the blankets elevated, Keith climbed into the bed with Carl.

Instantly, Carl shimmied lower on the mattress so they were at the same level.

“You know I think you’re incredibly handsome,” Carl purred, stroking Keith’s hair back from his face. “And judging by your hard-on, the feeling must be mutual.”

“It’s only hard because it’s been a long time since I’ve had release.” He felt Carl wrapping his legs around him under the covers.

“And I have to ask myself why?” Carl cupped the back of Keith’s head.

“You know why. You know what I’ve been dealing with. That woman is blackmailing me.”

“Because?” Carl leaned closer.

Wanting to finish the scene without screwing up, Keith tried to slow his breathing but his respirations and pulse were going wild.

Because…I’ve been with a man.”

“Precisely,” Carl replied, wriggling against him. Under his breath, Carl, hissed, “Get over here.”

Keith struggled to remember if that was a scripted line. Soon everything shot out of his brain as Carl’s mouth met his. It was open, but no tongue was used. As they kissed, Keith felt Carl tightening his hold around his body, drawing him to his chest. Keith couldn’t believe Carl’s passion. If this was acting, it was fooling him. In reflex, Keith embraced Carl, wrapping around his neck, deepening the kiss.

Charlotte’s booming roar broke their moment. “Oh, my god! Men, you have outdone yourselves! You make it look so easy!”