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The Rape of St. Peter

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Book: The Rape of St. Peter


Keith stood in front of his mirror smoking a joint naked. After he held each breath, he leaned out of his opened window to exhale outside to prevent the smell from lingering inside the house. He snuffed the roach out in his fingers and placed it into a silver case.

Keith took a brush to his hair, fluffing it, shaking it full. He rested his hands on his dresser and stared at his face. "I wish my eyes were green."

He jumped on his bed to be able to see his entire body in the mirror. "Yeah, nice bod." He grabbed his cock and started to work on it as he stared at his reflection.

When the sensations rose to a climax, Keith closed his eyes, falling to his knees on his bed. He shot out ribbons of come and grunted and jerked his hand faster.

The sound of the door and a choking cough brought Keith around. Keith opened his eyes slowly to see Peter staring at him.

"Hello, pretty brother." Keith milked his cock.

Peter jumped out of his skin like he was caught spying. "Sorry!" Peter backed away and shut the door.

Keith smiled wickedly and used his thumb to wipe the last creamy drop from his slit.

After he washed up, Keith rolled a few more joints and dressed in a tight pair of blue jeans and a black muscle T-shirt. He dabbed some cologne on his neck, then raised his shirt so he could rub some on his chest to his flat muscular belly. He ran a sock over his boots to polish them, then checked out his clean shaven face in the mirror and winked. Lastly, he found his leather jacket and strutted down the hall.

Keith stopped at Peter's door and opened it quickly, trying to catch him in a similar act.

Peter jumped at the start.

"Reading? That's what you do with the door closed?" Keith tilted his head at him comically.

Peter smiled awkwardly. "Well, I know what you do."

"Heh, heh." Keith grinned wickedly.

"Get lost." Peter waved him out.

"Right. See ya twerp." Keith winked at him and hopped down the stairs with a jubilant bound.

"Where are you going?" Louise asked, checking the time.

"Out. I'll be really late, so don't wait up." Before his mother could respond Keith waved good-bye and walked out into the night air. He opened his joint case and stuck one in his mouth, lighting it. Inhaling and holding it in as long as he could, he blew out the smoke in a thin blue cloud.

Keith strolled passed a few houses as dogs barked at him in alarm. A car turned down his street, its headlights blinding him as he crushed the joint out in his fingers. It stopped and the passenger door swung open.

Keith climbed in and smiled at Steve. "Hey."

Giving him a good once over, Steve licked his chops at the sight. "Hey back. You look positively edible."

Knowing he did, Keith grinned and shook back his hair seductively, then he held up the rest of the joint. "Want some?"

"No, I don't smoke it anymore. Trying to keep the lungs clean. You can though."

"I already had a hit." Keith stuck it back in his case put it into his jacket pocket. "So, where's this party?"

"In the City. It's at a very good friend of mine. Terry."

When warmth covered his thigh, Keith glanced down at Steve's hand. "Am I supposed to be your date?"

"Christ, I'm very tempted to turn around and have you all to myself for the night." Steve laughed and tilted his head to see Keith. "I'm thinking about it very seriously. God, you are too much." Steve squeezed Keith's leg tightly and rocked it side to side.

Keith flipped down the visor to stare in the mirror. "Yeah, I do look pretty fantastic, don't I?"

"And modest?"

"Fuck modesty. How about honesty?"

"God, I love you." Steve laughed.

"Christ! Now you love me?" Keith peeked down at the masculine hand that hadn't moved from his leg and if anything was getting friendlier. "Anyway...what's Wendy up to tonight?"

"You don't want to know."

"Let me guess, a date with my old man?"


"Nah. I just might have to find myself a new babe at the party tonight. Mad?" Keith grinned demonically and stared back at Steve.

"Nah! Good luck."

"There will be women there, right? This isn't a queer party, is it?"

Steve's smile broadened. "You should do very well. There will be plenty to choose from."

Knowing he was cock-teasing Steve, Keith raised Steve's hand from its grip on his thigh and stuck Steve's middle finger into his mouth.

"Holy fuck!" Steve almost lost control of the vehicle he was so shocked.

Keith roared with laughter. "Shit. It takes nothing to turn you fags on."

Steve caught his breath and focused back on the road as they merged onto Route 4's entrance ramp. "Keith, you gorgeous motherfucker, you said a mouthful."