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Calling Dr. Love

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Book: Calling Dr. Love


Phil felt pretty good considering. He’d taken a couple of aspirins during his last break, had no booze, and sucked two bottles of water down in preparation for his meeting with Chris. He did not want to drop dead this time. He wanted to please the man.
Not only did he promise himself he would not get drunk, he also kept a limit on what he allowed these patrons to do to him. No more nude dances, no more groping of his package. Uh uh. A dance was what they were entitled to. Hands off. Those where the damn rules posted on the wall. Don’t touch the dancer’s dicks. It was right there on the list of Do’s and Don’ts on a poster. He was under no obligation to allow these guys to touch him. And from this night on they wouldn’t other than to tuck cash into the side of his g-string. Tough shit. Those are the rules.
Finishing his private show, waiting as the drooling middle-aged man began to stick cash into his outfit, Phil pivoted his hips to force the man to wrap the money into the side of his g-string. “Thanks,” Phil said.
He danced back to his platform and climbed on, resuming his act. Instantly he caught sight of the amazing Norwegian look-alike in the room. Grinning in pure delight, Phil leapt down again and stalked the gorgeous doctor like he was a gazelle and Phil was a starving tiger.
Hello! Chris jumped as Phil made his way towards him in the mob. “Holy shit.” He couldn’t believe the look in Phil’s eyes.
As the men in the room took notice, parting in curiosity to see who this luscious god was making for, Chris gulped and stopped squeezing his cock through his pants.
Phil gyrated sensuously in front of him. Chris felt his dick throb and didn’t know what he was enjoying more, Phil’s expression of pure sex or his shimmering muscles as they moved.
As Chris melted into the painted plasterboard behind him from the heat Phil was emitting, he admired Phil’s amazing height as he seemed to tower over him. When Phil placed a hand on either side of Chris on the wall, Chris began to pant like a hound.
“Jesus, Phil!” Chris had the urge to slide his hands all over Phil’s slick form.
“Can’t wait to get you naked.”
“I’m about to come in my pants,” Chris laughed.
“Don’t. I want to eat it.” Phil licked his lips wickedly.
Pressing painfully against the wall, Chris did a quick sweep of Phil’s impressive physique. A large erection was barely covered by the tiny fabric between Phil’s legs.
“I’m about to drop to my knees, Phil,” Chris warned. “Jesus, you’re fantastic.”
“Grrr…” Phil rubbed their dicks together hotly.
Chris felt a rush of pure pleasure and knew he was oozing pre-come. Shivering down to his toes, Chris closed his eyes as the euphoria sought to overwhelm him. When his jaw was cupped and a wet mouth covered his, Chris enveloped Phil in his arms and squeezed him tight. Blocking out the hooting of the crowd, Chris sucked on Phil’s tongue like a dick and moaned as the craving to come became intense.
Slowly Phil broke the kiss. “I’m done. Let me change so I can get my hands on you.”
Chris was so pent up from the teasing he nodded in reply and had to force himself to release Phil’s body from his own.
As if he knew exactly how hot he made Chris, Phil gave him a delicious smirk and licked Chris’ chin. “I’ll be quick. Keep this thing hard for me.” Phil stroked Chris’ cock and Chris almost came from his touch. Like a mute bobble-headed doll, Chris nodded obediently.
A second later, the scent and heat from his lover had vanished. Taking a moment to recover, someone leaned to Chris’ ear to ask, “Is he your boyfriend?”
“Yes…” Chris licked his lips trying to taste Phil on them.
“You lucky fucker!”
“I know.” Chris had to will himself to move. Pushing off the wall he was practically glued to, he walked through the crowd of men receiving a mixture of admiring glances and jealous scowls.
The excitement in him rising, Chris leaned against the bar near the back door, waiting impatiently. No dropping dead tonight. It seemed they were both more energetic, and that made Chris very happy.
Ten minutes later Phil emerged in a tight black t-shirt, faded blue jeans and a taupe suede jacket, appearing to be something off the pages of GQ.
Before Chris was able to comment at how beautiful he looked, Phil wrapped one arm around Chris’ waist and coaxed him into an embrace. The kiss sent Chris reeling. Digging both his hands into Phil’s dark thick hair, Chris sucked at his mouth hungrily. “Let’s go home, babe.”
“Lead the way.”
Holding hands, they worked a path through the crowd to the front exit. Once they were on the street in the cool breeze, they held each other closer, giggling like teens.
“You too drunk to drive?” Phil taunted.
“Me?” Chris paused at his car.
“You taste like booze.”
“I had a scotch hours ago. I’m surprised you can still taste it. I ate a mint.” Chris unlocked the doors and walked around to the driver’s side.
Before Chris started the car, Phil placed one hand at the nape of Chris’ neck, the other between his thighs and started kissing him again.
Chris moaned in response, splaying his legs wide in total submission.
“You hot fucker,” Phil hissed, tracing where Chris had grown stiff in his slacks. “Do you know how long I’ve craved touching you?”
“Yes.” Chris felt a flash of fire. “Since the last time we fucked.”
Acting like he was unleashed, Phil went wild, sucking Chris’ mouth, rubbing hot friction on his cock.
Reluctantly Chris parted their lips. “Let me get you in my bed.”
Moving back to allow Chris to turn the key in the ignition, Phil didn’t release his grasp of Chris’ crotch.
While he resisted the urge to hump Phil’s palm Chris drove, struggling to focus on the road and get them naked and in a bed. Now!