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All Man

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Book: All Man


“You up?”

Gary perked up to Chase’s voice. “Yes.” As Chase shifted to face him, Gary tilted his head on the pillow to meet his gaze.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Gary smiled. “I’m thinking of you.”

Obviously pleased with the reply, Chase kissed Gary’s chest. “Are you happy with this arrangement?”

“I am.” Gary caressed Chase’s hair back from his forehead.

“Will you be hanging out here after work all week?”

“Is that what you want?”


The conviction with which Chase answered made Gary tingle. “Good.”

“Am I being a possessive girlfriend?” Chase smiled wryly.

To tease him, Gary said, “Yes, a regular bimbo. So lay off.”

Getting the jibe, Chase roughed him up, shaking him playfully. “I’m serious, Gary. Am I asking too much of you too soon?”

“No. Like I’ve told you. If I was uncomfortable with it, I’d tell you.”

“I respect that in a man.”

“So do I. And I expect the same from you. If this is too heavy, we can slow down.”


Gary stared critically into Chase’s eyes. “You feel that damn sure?”

“Yes. Not even a doubt in my mind.”

His eyes were drawn back to the pattern on the ceiling as he thought about it.

Chase climbed on top of Gary, leaning up on his elbows so they could still chat. “What about you?”

Shaking his head, Gary echoed, “Not a doubt in my mind.”

“How could that be? Why are we so damn sure about each other?”

“I wish I could answer that question.”

“Have you felt this way about anyone before?”

Instantly Gary thought of Kevin.

In the pause, Chase whispered, “You don’t have to answer that.”

“No. It’s okay. I’m just thinking about it.” Gary smoothed his hands along both of Chase’s shoulders. “I’ve really liked someone before, but I’ve never felt confident it was requited. Does that make sense?”

“Perfect.” Chase pecked his lips, setting back to stare again. “Are you close with your family?”


“Do they—”

“No.” Gary cut off the obvious next question.

“None of them? Not even your younger brother?”

“No.” A slight uneasiness slipped into Gary’s gut.

“My whole family knows.” Chase put his weight on one arm so he could caress Gary’s cheek. “I just told them during a family dinner a few years ago. I couldn’t take it, sneaking around, making excuses all the time as to why I never brought a woman to meet them.”

Gary’s mouth tightened across his teeth. No way. Not with his parents. That’s not going to happen.

“Do you ever think about it?”

“No.” Gary averted his gaze. “They’re not the type to accept it.”

“Why? Right wing? Religious?”


Chase nodded.

“Change the subject.” Gary nudged Chase to lie next to him.

“Wow. That sore of a topic?”

“Yes. Seriously, Chase, there’s no point discussing it.”

“What do they think about you serving in Iraq?”

“They couldn’t be prouder.”

“So, it’s okay if their son comes home in a box, but not if he loves a man.”

“Chase!” Gary jerked back from his touch.

“Sorry. Gary, that was way out of line. Please. I’m sorry.” Chase gripped onto Gary tightly.

After a moment to calm down, Gary relaxed onto the pillows again. “Believe me. My mom worries about me coming home ‘in a box’, Chase. But she respects my decision and doesn’t nag me about it.”

“Like I am?”

Gary found Chase’s dark eyes. “Like you’re beginning to.” Instantly Chase’s expression appeared conflicted. Knowing Chase was anxious about their separation, Gary stroked Chase’s face gently. “Do you regret meeting me now?”

Shaking his head emphatically, Chase breathed, “No. No way.”

Gary stared at Chase’s expression, struggling to read it in the bad lighting. He heard Mutley shifting on his pillow-bed, letting out a long exhale.


“What, babe?” Gary dug his fingers into Chase’s hair behind his ear.

Another silent moment past. Gary tried to be patient.

“I’m falling in love with you.”

A flash of fire ignited inside Gary’s body. Cupping Chase’s jaw he drew him to his mouth. At the feel and taste of Chase’s lips, Gary knew damn well he was in love too. Why? Why did it happen this way? So quickly? Were they both that lonely and desperate that they latched onto the nearest warm body? Or was this truly as it seemed; a match made in heaven? He had no idea and wondered if it mattered.

Their soft kisses became superheated magma. Gary’s body began to stir awake after its soft relaxed state. Chase’s hand found Gary’s crotch and kneaded his genitals causing Gary’s cock to harden. Loving Chase’s tongue, Gary whimpered and deepened their kiss, urging Chase’s head closer to his with his hand still burrowed in Chase’s thick brown waves.

Parting from their kiss, Chase pecked Gary’s nose, chin, neck, licking his way to his chest. “I love you. I love you.”

Those words spun in Gary’s head making him dizzy. “We’re crazy. Chase…”

“I know. I don’t care.” Chase lapped his way down Gary’s skin to his belly button.

Knowing Chase’s hot mouth was approaching, Gary tensed up and his heart rate soared.