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Leather Boys

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Book: Leather Boys

Dev hiked his bike up on its kickstand and climbed off. Taking a minute to devour the sight of this hunk from his mane of brown hair to his leather boots, Dev wished they were already a couple and he could grab him where he wanted to grab him, namely, his tight ass and bulging crotch.

"Wow, look at you!" Sam shook his head in admiration. "Sexy black leather rider."

That comment reeked of a come-on in Dev's book. "You like?" Dev spun around for him so Sam could admire his backside as well.

"Nice!" Looking down at his own outfit, Sam asked, "Do I look like a dork?"

Choking at the totally inaccurate appraisal, Dev had to hold back so he wouldn't drool down his chinstrap. "Uh. No. You look like anything but a dork."


At the seductive gaze he was receiving, Dev opened his mouth to ask flat out, Are you gay? But before he got the chance, Sam said, "We'd better go," and busily checked that things were secure on his bike, placing his helmet on his head.

"Right." Dev straddled his seat and started his engine.

Walking the five-hundred-plus pound machine backwards to give Sam room to turn around in the garage, Dev waited for him to join him. Sam closed the garage door, and nodded he was ready. As Sam accelerated out of the parking area, Dev was in heat staring at him. The man was so fucking gorgeous, and in that leather riding outfit, on that cherry red crotch-rocket, Dev knew his briefs were already damp with pre-come just from looking at the guy. Christ, what a cock-tease you are Rhodes!

Keeping up with him down Bigger Road to Clyo, and flying up Wilmington Pike, Dev kept imagining their first kiss. Alone, in a tent, in the dark, oh, god, hold me back I'm going to die.