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Double Trouble

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Book: Double Trouble

The minute they entered the room, heads turned usually in a double-take to see if the individual was indeed seeing double. Danny was used to it. Perhaps handsome identical twin males were rare. He’d not seen too many himself, and the fact that they kept their looks as close as possible only added to the mysterious gazes.

Donny already appeared revved up. “Play time.” He rubbed his hands together in glee.

They moved across the floor like predatory cats. Danny and his brother had their pick of the litter in every club. It was fun being young and beautiful. But Danny also knew it was fleeting.

As they made themselves comfortable at a table for two out of the way in a corner, the perfect spot for watching the action, a waiter approached for their order.

“Martini, dry, shaken, not stirred.” Donny winked at the handsome man.

“What are you? James Bond?” Danny slanted his eyes at his brother.

“I just love saying it. Isn’t it hilarious?” Donny asked the waiter.

Danny already knew he was flirting and looking for some action.

The waiter blushed crimson. “Shaken, not stirred,” he repeated shyly.

“Hennessy cognac, please,” Danny requested.

“Coming right up.” The waiter left.

“He’s cute.” Donny watched him walk to the bar.

“He’s all yours.”

“No. I don’t usually do waiters.” Donny ran his hand through his hair. “Do I look acceptable?”

Danny gave him an appraisal. “Very. Are you wearing my Acqua di Gio again?” Danny leaned closer for a sniff of his cologne.


“Yes. Mom gave it to me for Christmas and you always pilfer it.”

“Pilfer? You use very strong verbs, Danny. Pilfer? Assault. Stalk? What do you think I am?”

“A man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants?”

“Dad would call that a savvy business man.” Donny gave the room another scan. “Not a lot here.”

“Well, it’s early. The place doesn’t start up until nightfall. What did you expect?”

“I expect to get laid.”

“Here’s your waiter.” Danny leaned back as he set their drinks on the table.

“Can I get you anything else?” The young man smiled.

“What time to you get off tonight?” Donny asked wickedly.


“That late? Never mind.” Donny lost interest and picked up his drink to sip.

“Do you want my phone number?” the waiter asked.

“Let me think about it.” Donny smiled sweetly at him.

“I wouldn’t mind a twin sandwich.” The waiter’s eyes gleamed.

Danny choked in a laugh. “I’m afraid you just lost your chances with either of us.”

“Did I?”

“Yes,” Donny replied bitterly. “That line is the death knell. See ya.”

Danny watched the waiter’s disappointment as he walked away. “Why do they always ask for that? Do they really think a couple of brothers want to have sex in bed together?”

“Obviously. Christ, gives me the damn creeps.”

“It’s women that are to blame.” Danny enjoyed his cognac. “They give this perception that netting pretty twins in one swoop is acceptable. Maybe sisters can do it, but brothers? Give me a break.”

“You see it all the time in sit-coms. Some guy thinking he’s hit the jackpot with twin bimbos.” Donny ate his olive off the toothpick.

“Aren’t you sick to death of hearing it? A threesome? I know I am.” Danny licked his lip, crossing his legs comfortably.

“Wait a minute.”


“What about our Mr. Straight?”

“What about him?”

Donny set his glass down and leaned close to whisper. “We are both going to screw him.”

“I didn’t imagine it at the same time.”

“Just one right after the other?”

Danny shrugged, nodding. “How else?”

“We’ll never get a straight guy to agree to two bouts of butt fucking one right after the other.”

“I know. That’s why you’ll lose the bet.”

“How much did we bet anyway?”

Danny thought about it, his glass hovering near his lips. “Did we put a dollar value on it?”

“No. Not yet. But who gives a shit about money. It’s got to be something else. Something that means a lot to us.”

“Like what? I don’t want two cars. What do you have that I don’t have?”

Donny’s eyes got that gleam to them. One that meant trouble.

“Okay, what?”

“Six months of celibacy. The loser has to wait it out.”

“How will we monitor that? Are you joking?” Danny shook his head at the absurdity.

Donny sat up, a serious look on his face. “You remember that vow we made as kids?”

Instantly Danny did. “Yes.”

Donny spit in his hand holding it out. “Doppelganger till you die.”

The curse always frightened Danny as a small boy. For some reason the power of the hex hadn’t faded. Who needed a ghost to haunt them anyway? “Let me get this straight, Don. If we can’t both screw this so called straight guy, you stay celibate for six months or you get the curse. If we do, I stay celibate or?”

“You get the curse, yes.”

Danny never liked playing with spirits unless they came out of an expensive bottle. “Fine. I know I’ll lose.” Danny spit in his palm.

“How could you lose?” Donny shook his hand. “What straight red-blooded American guy will allow us to butt fuck him twice? And suck our cocks? I’m the one who’ll live with the fucking curse, not you.”

“I wish mom never told us about that horrible thing. That Doppelganger. You have any idea how many nightmares it gave me as a kid?”

“Me too. But it’s the one vow that’ll hold us both true to our words.” Donny reached for his martini again.

“Fine. Whatever.” Danny gave the room another once over. “Where the hell are all the pretty boys tonight?”

“Someplace else. Okay, we came here to form a strategy about Mr. Construction-man. Let’s think.”

Leaning over his lap, placing his drink on the table, Danny whispered, “Well, he gets off from work some time.”

“And what? Goes home? To a bar?”

“To his wife and kids?”

“Perfect!” Donny grinned wickedly.

“No. Not perfect. If he’s got a wife and kids, it’s no good.”

“No!” Donny complained, “If he’s got a wife and kids its better. He’ll be so much harder to nail.”

“I don’t want to break up a family, Don!” Danny exhaled in exasperation.

“Fine. No kids. But who gives a shit about a wife? And…” Donny scooted closer, “If he’s loyal and in love with his significant other, he’ll never cheat, right?”

“Do we know that?”

“Mom and Dad never cheated on each other.”

“True.” Danny savored the alcohol on his tongue before swallowing it.

“So, if the guy is married, he’s still game.”