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Book: Pirates


Chapter 1

The captain had to laugh. No one could have predicted his journey would include this kind pampering. With loving affection, he petted Justin’s hair and whispered, “Enough, lad. It’s no good, really. I will be covered in salt again by mid-day tomorrow. When we get to port I will treat myself to a luxurious soak. But, I thank you…for the effort.”

“Come, there is a bit more water. Sit here.” Justin gestured to the spot in front of him.

The captain sat down and waited. The ribbon was removed from his long hair and the pure salt-free liquid felt glorious running through it. Tilting his head back, he moaned as the cooling sensation of the water caressed his broad back.

Justin dug his hands into his mane and seemed to lavish in its thickness and color. When Justin had it soaked he found the captain’s comb and ran it through gently. Wet, the captain’s hair came to his mid-back.

Captain Jones closed his eyes and surrendered as sweet memories of his childhood and his mother’s doting ran through his mind’s eye; sunshine and fresh baked bread, his five sisters all fawning over the only boy child, his father standing tall and proud in a blue uniform, his dear mother twisting his long hair into ringlets. It felt wonderful, he could not deny that.

Justin set the comb aside and wrapped his arms around The captain’s shoulders from behind. The captain rose up and carried him that way to the bunk. He set him down on it and turned around to face that angel come down to earth. When he beheld that expression of innocence it filled him with deep adoration and longing, a mirror image of what he was observing in that young man’s face.

Justin held him around his neck and smiled. “I told you it would make you feel better.” Justin leaned against him so they were touching noses.

“You spoil me.” The captain grinned impishly.

Justin’s eyes widened. “You took the words out of me own mouth!”

The captain lay him down and moved next to him. “You are one special lad, Justin. I am very glad you stowed on board. What would I do without you to pamper me?” He toyed with Justin’s right nipple until it hardened.

“And make love to you…” Justin reached for him and ran that hardness through his palms.

The captain closed his eyes at the rush of fire. “Aye…and that as well.”

Justin hopped over him to douse the lamp, then scrambled back to his spot. Justin positioned himself on top of him with his legs spread wide. The captain embraced him and pushed his hair back from his face, finding Justin’s mouth with his tongue, and groaning in pleasure.