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Driving Hard

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Book: Driving Hard

Logan wanted Jude to take off his jeans. Oh yes. Let's get down to business here. Neither one of them was watching the stupid movie. Logan repositioned himself so he was resting on the side of the cabin wall instead of the rear. It gave him a better view of the television screen and of Jude. Jude's back was now facing him. Logan could tell Jude was struggling not to look, rubbing his eyes and face, deliberately keeping his distance.

While Jude's back was turned, Logan admired him. Smiling at his naughty thoughts, Logan felt his dick go hard. When he peeked down at his dark briefs, he could see his outline perfectly. Turn around, Jude, turn around. He hoped his mental telepathy would work.

"Look," Jude said finally, "I'm not even watchin' this film. Are you?"


"You mind if I shut it off and catch some shut eye?"

"Nope." Logan used the remote to shut off the video.

"I'm sorry, Logan, I've just been drivin' all damn day."

"You don't have to make excuses to me, Jude." Logan set the remote on the counter near the VCR. When he stood off the bed, his crotch was only slightly lower than Jude's eye level.

Biting his bottom lip, Jude stared at Logan's body. As Logan reached up to unfold his bunk bed, Jude ogled his tight abdomen muscles and the outline of a large cock in his briefs. Torture. He'd found hell.

Fantasizing yanking those Calvin Kleins down Logan's slender legs and sucking his cock, Jude was becoming a complete wreck.

Logan paused before he climbed onto the bunk.

Though Jude felt as if he were hiding in a corner of the cabin, he met Logan's eyes finally. The flash of compete fear and absolute desire clashed inside Jude. The devil and the angel were battling on his shoulder. It was as if Logan were waiting. Waiting for him to do something.