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Mark and Sharon

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Book: Mark and Sharon


Sharon crossed her arms and said, "You know he's got one hell of a crush on you."
As if she had told him he had a terminal disease, Mark glared at her in fury.
"What?" she said, "I'm just telling you the truth."
"Be quiet." Mark didn't know how much of this he could take.
"Mark, it's so obvious. Why are you so oblivious?"
"Sharon, I don't appreciate this talk one bit. I have to ask you to stop or to leave." Mark had been belittled and accused of being effeminate or gay his entire life. He didn't expect the same attitude from a woman he was dating. This is over the top.
That appeared to set her back. "Shouldn't you just laugh it off? Or be flattered?" She stepped closer. "Or how about telling me how Jack has a string of romances going on at the moment? Why the defensive mode?"
Dropping his shirt and shorts into a laundry hamper and turning his back to her while he dug into his drawers for clean clothing, Mark brooded silently. "Tell yourself that. You've obviously got it all sussed."
He gasped suddenly when he felt his briefs being yanked down to his knees. "Sharon, what are you doing?"
"Stripping you." She wrapped her arms around his waist and wrestled him to the bed, slamming him back against the mattress.
"You don't need to be so aggressive."
"Something about you makes me this way." She began licking and kissing his naked skin.
Groaning and closing his eyes as she kissed her way to his cock, Mark said, "I suppose it's my lot."
"Yes, it is. So be a good boy and submit."
"I'm at your mercy, Ms. Tice."
"God…I want to tie you up and screw you."
Blinking his eyes at her in shock, he shivered in a chill and stared down at her. "You naughty, naughty, girl!"
"Let me tie you up. Please. Please?"
"Tie me up? Are you joking?"
"To the bedpost. All four corners. Spread eagle. I'll drive you sexually crazy."
As she tugged his briefs completely off his legs, Mark slinked back against the headboard. "You're mad. A mad woman."
"Ever done it before?"
"No. It scares the shite out of me. Why would I want to allow myself to be so vulnerable?"
"Because it turns me on. Don't you trust me?"
"I know you one week."
"But you know me well."
"Will you hurt me?"
"Never, never, never." She kissed his cock as she repeated the word.
He had to admit it was a fantasy he'd had about Jack. And of course, how many nights did he imagine a big strong cop cuffing him and patting him down? It was his favorite fantasy. "All right, then."
"All right? Did you say I can?"
"I think I did. But you'll be gentle."
"Oh boy, oh boy!" She raced around the room digging into his dresser drawers. When she came back with an assortment of items he stared at her warily.
"I can hardly believe straight-laced Sharon Tice, executive director of G&T Corporation is a complete sexual pervert."
"I never was. You made me this way."
As she slipped a loose knot over his wrist, he replied, "I made you this way? What on earth did I do?"
"Look at you." She paused, catching her breath. "Just look at you."
He looked down at his naked body and then back at her. "And that's supposed to explain it?"
"Never mind. Give me your other hand."
"You promise you'll be kind."
"I would never harm you. We'll have a safe word."
He gave her his hand and looked back as she tied it to the post. When he was bound to all four corners, she pushed her hair back from her sweaty face and stared down at him. "Yes. I've heard about those. Safe words." He was surprised she had as well. "Have you done this before?"
"Nope. Always wanted to though."
"This isn't some kind of dirty trick where you leave me this way." He was spread eagle to each corner of the bed.
"No. Will you trust me?"
"Yes. Sorry. I do trust you." I just wish you were a big brawny cop.