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Backdoor Pilot

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Book: Backdoor Pilot


Chapter 1

With the holidays a distant echo behind them, thirty-five-year-old Alexander Mark Richfield relaxed in his home in Bel Air, California. A new pilot script in his hands, Alex read the entire draft from cover to cover.

Finally, after a drought of epic proportions, Alex was being cast in a new pay channel show called ‘Room at the Top.’ It was an adult drama/comedy set in an LA law firm.

He was the headlining star cast to play a named partner in the firm, Denny Harris.

The sexual preference of this man was left ambiguous, and it appeared in the pilot episode, both men and women were attracted to him. Nice!

It was a change from the gay parts he had been stuck with. Alex had only done one or two roles where he did not play a gay man’s part.

When he was younger, in his twenties, he didn’t mind, and actually preferred being cast as a gay character. But as he matured into his thirties, he grew bored of the typecasting and wanted to branch out. He’d yet to play a macho man, or a military or policeman in any movie or TV show.

He held the paper script in his hand and stared into his living room, not really looking at the white leather couches, the large flatscreen TV, or the front window.

His dog, Lady, a white saluki-mix, was curled up on the floor near him, snoozing.

Lt Billy Sharpe, his police academy instructor husband, was working once more with a new class of recruits. Billy was twenty years his senior and although they’d had their ups and downs, lately he and his hubby were doing great.

Alex reached for his phone, which he’d left on the coffee table. Lady raised her head and her fluffy floppy ears raised.

Alex called his director, the woman who wanted him for the lead role.

Charlotte Deavers answered, “Hey, cookie.”

“Char. I love, love, love it.”

He heard her laugh.

“It’s written so well!” Alex sat up and when he did, Lady stood and shook off, then wagged her tail. “The dialogue is fantastic.”

“I agree. Fingers crossed the execs at the network like it. I know Derek Dixon and Will Markham are thrilled with it.”

“Have you nailed down the other cast members?” Alex ran his hand through his shoulder-length brown hair.

“We’re getting closer to locking them down.”

“Is there a role for Tadzio?” Alex asked. Tadzio Andressen-Nolf lived with him and Billy with her police officer husband, Matt Nolf. She was a transgender individual, changed from a man to a woman. Tadzio had been a Swedish runway model. She was a gorgeous blonde, with blue eyes, and since she had taken hormones before the onset of puberty, she looked terrific. She had top, but not bottom surgery.

“I thought Tadzio was deep into filming that feature. Adam told me she was cast as a judge for two films.”

“She wrapped the first one, but it hasn’t even had its premiere yet. “Come on, Char, you have to cast her in it. I think she’d be great as Jeanie Brodie.”

“You know it’s fine with me and the executive producers. I asked about her. Blame Adam.”

Alex petted Lady as she watched him talk on the phone.

It was February and the weather was cooler, rainier, yet the days were still getting dark early.

“Is she there?” Charlotte asked.

Alex replied, “She went out for errands. Dry cleaning, food shopping…”

“Have her call me. If she’s available, I’d love her in it.”

“Awesome!” Alex pumped his fist. “Man, costarring with Tadzio again? Wow!”

“That was my and Will’s initial thought. Bringing you and Tadzio together. We figured if we had guest appearances from the old Being Screwed cast it was going to really tickle the viewers.”

“Love it!” Alex kept smiling brightly. He needed this. His ego had taken a pounding recently with the dry spell.

“Okay, cookie. Let me go. Glad you like it. I’ll keep you informed when we have our first readthrough and cast meetings. We’re back at the old studio.”

“Yes!” Alex laughed.


Alex disconnected the call and looked at Lady. “I’m in a new series!” He clapped.