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New Year, Schmooyear

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Book: New Year, Schmooyear


Chapter 1

The Nation’s Top Male Model, Mark Antonious Richfield, stood on a snowy sidewalk in Midtown, Manhattan. He had taken his two sons, Jacob Bentley Richfield, and Isaac Milton Richfield, to see their daddy Stan Charles Bergman, and younger sister, Lily Hayden Bergman.

With them on their trip, was Steven Jay Miller, Mark’s husband. A man he had married for the second time last Thanksgiving.

After flying in his private Learjet across country, Mark spent time with his youngest children whilst Stan Bergman worked.

His ex-husband, a young actor in his thirties, was starring in a Broadway show. Mark had divorced Stan after learning Stan and Mark’s eldest son, Alexander Mark Richfield, had an affair.

The two actors were cast to play in a Viking movie, and whilst they were on location in Denmark, they connected sexually.

“Daddy! It’s cold here!” Seven-year-old Isaac or ‘Zak’ rubbed his mittens together. Steve carried Mark’s youngest, and only daughter, Lily Hayden on his shoulders. Since the boys lived in California, Mark had bundled them up for the cold temperatures of Manhattan in December. He had hired a limousine to drive them around in the chilly temperatures.

Mark’s brown shoulder-length hair blew in the cool wind that whistled between tall skyscrapers. They were on 5th Avenue admiring the holiday decorations. This evening, when Stan was at home with his parents in their Upper East Side brownstone, Mark would drop the children off and he and Steve would sleep in a nearby hotel.

Jacob, the six-year-old blue-eyed blond, jumped up and down as they waited for a light to change.

Yellow cabs ebbed and flowed, horns honked, and pedestrians gathered at corners to dare racing between cars, or wait in groups to cross the bustling avenue.

“Let’s go,” Steve said as they were given a green light.

Mark held both his son’s hands and they crossed the street, finding their way to a department store where Mark could warm up, and see if he could buy some lovely things for his three wonderful children.