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The Lion & The Mouse

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Book: The Lion & The Mouse


Chapter 1

“Yes! Oh, hell, yes!” Leo Arness held the head of a young man by his ears. The body rush was instant as he went into an orgasm.

The kneeling young man hummed and then released his suction.

Leo stepped back, wiped his dick off, and tucked his cock into his tight pants.

A tap came to the door. “Leo! Let’s go!”

Leo caught his breath and entered his private bathroom to check his appearance in the mirror and wash his hands.

“Leo!” came the thundering voice.

“Yeah, yeah, keep your hair on.” Leo inspected his face. He stared into his own blue eyes, admired his high cheekbones, chiseled jaw, and thick brown hair.

After drying his hands, Leo took his phone out of his pocket and scrolled his messages, texts, and alerts.

His manager, Charlie Paine, poked his head into the bathroom. “Let’s go! You don’t keep these people waiting.”

Leo stared at the older man with the thinning hair and stocky build.

Charlie thumbed to the other room. “Who’s the kid?”

“I forgot his name.” Leo pocketed his phone. “Is he still here?”

Charlie peeked behind him. “Yes.”

“Hand him some cash and nudge him out.”

After an eyeroll, Charlie did just that.

Leo shut the door and stood at the toilet. He relieved himself, staring at his cock and bowl under him. Soft conversation came from the two outside the bathroom.

Once he peed, he rinsed his fingers, then gave himself another onceover.

Charlie knocked on the door between them. “Let’s go!”

“Yeah, yeah…” Leo opened the door and Charlie was alone. He grabbed his leather jacket and followed his agent out of the small room.

“I’m sick of paying off your groupies.” Charlie hunched as he walked, his slacks making whizzing noises with his movement.

“Don’t blame me.” Leo flipped his hair back from his eyes. “I didn’t ask him to.”

“I wish you’d just settle down. This casual sex isn’t good for your image.”

“Fuck you.” Leo laughed and exited the building, looking up at the clear blue sky. A limousine was waiting.

The chauffeur opened the back door of the gleaming stretch. Leo eyed him curiously. New guy.

The chauffeur returned the inquisitive leer.

Charlie pushed on Leo’s arm to get him inside the car.

Once they were seated and the chauffeur was behind the wheel, Leo asked, “Who’s he?”

“How should I know? He comes with the car service.” Charlie patted his pockets and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

Using the power window controls, Leo opened the window closest to Charlie. Charlie gave him an irritated glance.

“Hate that smell. Makes my hair and clothing stink.”

Charlie made a noise of disapproval and pocketed the pack. “Shut the window, it’s cold.”

Leo played with the lever, up, down, up, down, trying to irritate Charlie.

And, as usual, pretending like it wasn’t pissing him off, Charlie held his phone in his palm and read it.

Leo sighed and slid low on the seat, his legs straddled. He yawned.

Security guards appeared to be at every door.

Leo waited for Charlie to exit the car, then he stood face to face with the chauffeur. As Leo tried to decide if he wanted something from him, the chauffeur peeked at Charlie, then discreetly handed Leo his card, whispering, “Anytime.”

Smirking, Leo took the card and tapped it on his chin as he decided, yeah or nay.

“Leo!” Charlie yelled, gesturing to the lobby.

“Yeah…uh.” Leo gave the driver’s body a quick sweep of his gaze and smiled. “Later.”

“Later.” The handsome man smiled back.

“Let’s go!” Charlie tried to hustle him.

“Chill.” Leo shot him a glare as he sauntered into the posh office space.

The lobby echoed with leather shoe footfalls, high heel spikes, and conversation. The studio’s logo was on a wall behind a secretary, or receptionist, or…who the fuck cares?

Charlie poked an elevator call button over and over, as if it would come faster.

It opened and a handful of riders found their way out. Leo and Charlie waited. All the women, and some of the men, stared at Leo.

The women whispered, giggling.

The men were either jealous or interested.

Leo spied a tall handsome dude in a suit and his libido sparked. Charlie made a noise of irritation and urged Leo into the elevator.